The Evidence-Based Supplements Loved By The Experts For Brighter Skin
The Evidence-Based Supplements Loved By The Experts For Brighter Skin

The Evidence-Based Supplements Loved By The Experts For Brighter Skin

No matter how good your diet is, the right supplement can go a long way towards helping you feel your best. There’s no magic pill that will make you look ten years younger, but there are supplements out there that can make a visible difference – like Altrient. Its game-changing liposomal formulas are intelligent gels designed to withstand digestion and absorb directly into the bloodstream for serious results. Here’s what you need to know and which ones to try for happier, brighter skin…

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They’re An Advanced Form Of Supplement

Whether you’re looking to address a particular vitamin deficiency or want to support your overall health, you’ve probably considered the types of supplements you take. But have you given much thought to the form of supplement you’re taking? Liposomal supplements are the gold standard in the supplement world – they allow nutrients to be absorbed by the body far more effectively than other delivery methods, such as capsules and powders. Nutrients in a liposomal formula are also packaged within what’s called a liposome – a little pocket of fat cells – which not only helps preserve the nutrient but also supercharges absorption within the body. Altrient has been at the forefront of liposomal innovation for nearly two decades and continues to lead the way with its forward-thinking formulas. 

From HORMONAL acne to BALANCING menopausal skin, there’s an Altrient formula to support your needs.
Dr Bibi Ghalaie

They’re Loved By The Experts

For aesthetics doctor and skincare expert Dr Bibi Ghalaie, Altrient’s formulas are the gold standard. “The two most important proteins in our skin are collagen and elastin – they provide a scaffold which keeps our skin supple. Unfortunately, levels decline with age and in order to keep skin health optimised, we have to support the regeneration and production of collagen and elastin. Altrient’s formulas are crucial for doing this and support the skin from the inside out. In my clinical practice, I only advocate evidence-based formulas that really make a difference when it comes to optimising skin health, which is where Altrient comes in.” Gwyneth Paltrow, Kourtney Kardashian, Caroline Hirons and Trinny Woodhall are also all fans of Altrient’s formulas. 

They Promise Targeted Nutrient Delivery

Some vitamins and minerals are trickier for the body to absorb and use, and this is particularly true for vitamins B and C. These vitamins can’t be stored by the body, so a daily dose is needed. Altrient’s genius formulas ensure the nutrients in each and every formula pass through the digestive system intact while being gentle (even in higher doses) and supporting the body from various angles, including collagen production and immunity support. They’re easy to take, too. Simply squeeze the gel into a small amount of water and drink, or take directly from the sachet.

The Results Speak For Themselves

There’s a reason Altrient’s Vitamin C is a bestseller. Not only does it provide a quick and effective solution to topping up your vitamin C levels, but studies show that after taking three sachets daily for three months, skin elasticity will increase by 61%, and by 35% when taking one sachet daily for three months. Its vitamin B formula, meanwhile, will give energy levels a helping hand, while its glutathione formula is a January essential, helping the body gently eliminate toxins while supporting immune health and aiding post-workout recovery. 

They’re A Must For Glowing Skin

If you’re looking to give your skin, hair and nails a boost after the Christmas festivities and want to start a supplement regime that’s backed by science and easy to stick to, Altrient’s liposomal formulas won’t disappoint. From cognitive function through to hair and nail support, hormonal acne and balancing menopausal skin, there’s an Altrient formula to support your needs…

The Supplements:

Vitamin C in the morning and Magnesium in the evening

If your skin is dry and prone to patchy, flaky and uncomfortable patches, Altrient’s hero vitamin C formula will provide the hydration boost it needs. Magnesium, meanwhile, works in tandem with vitamin C to support production of quenching hyaluronic acid and skin-supporting collagen, giving your skin’s natural moisture barrier a helping hand. Magnesium also relaxes the mind and body, aiding beauty sleep. 

Shop Vitamin C, £47.46 (was £49.96) here.
Shop Liposomal Magnesium, £82.96 here.


The Supplements:

Vitamin C in the morning and Glutathione in evening

Counterbalance the activity responsible for pigmentation and skin damage with a naturally protective nutrition skin regime. Support fair and sensitive skin with vitamin C in the morning, a nutrient used by dermatologists to reduce pigmentation, kickstart collagen production and counteract harmful free radicals; and an additional dose of Glutathione in the evening, a powerful antioxidant that’s proven to brighten the complexion.

Shop Vitamin C, £47.46 (was £49.96) here.
Shop Glutathione £94.96 (was £99.96) here.

The Supplements:

Vitamin C in the morning and in the evening

Preserve your skin’s youthfulness and elasticity by supporting collagen production, the scaffolding that keeps your skin bouncy and glowing. Youthful, radiant skin is underpinned by vitamin C, the key nutrient that makes collagen. However, vitamin C can’t be stored in the body and is depleted by stress, alcohol, inflammation and poor diet, and there’s plenty of evidence to show vitamin C levels are lower in more mature and sun-damaged skin. Take morning and night for all-round skin support.

Shop Vitamin C, £47.46 (was £49.96) here.

The Supplements:

Vitamin C in the morning and Vitamin B in the evening

Break free from oily, reactive and bumpy skin with vitamins C and B – nutrients proven to calm the skin and reduce inflammation. Vitamin C gently prevents clogged skin follicles, aids healing and reduces the risk of infected blemishes, while studies show vitamin B5 can help reduce the number of blemishes. Altrient’s Vitamin B complex also contains zinc and B6, important for hormone balance, as well as chromium and cinnamon to regulate levels of insulin, an inflammatory hormone.

Shop Vitamin C, £47.46 (was £49.96) here.
Shop Liposomal Vitamin B, £58.86 (was £61.96) here.

The Supplements:

Vitamin C in the morning and Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) in the evening

Clogged and inflamed pores precede spots and redness, but vitamin C and ALA will help balance the complexion and refine skin texture. Vitamin C supports collagen and elastin production, which bolsters the make-up of skin, creating tighter pores, while ALA protects cells from oxidative stress and provides impressive antioxidant production.

Shop Vitamin C, £47.46 (was £49.96) here.
Shop Liposomal R-Alpha Lipoic Acid £81.86 (was £85.96) here.

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