The Fitness App To Download Now
The Fitness App To Download Now

The Fitness App To Download Now

Fitness apps have come a long way over the last couple of years, but not many are as easy to use or yield such results as Gymondo. Offering on-demand workouts that are tailored to you and taught by some of the world’s top PTs, it’s the app that gets our vote every time. Here’s why it’s special…

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There’s Something For Everyone

There are countless apps that claim to offer a boutique gym experience in your home, but Gymondo is a cut above. Whether you’re looking to tone up ahead of summer, increase flexibility or improve your cardiovascular fitness, each of its 35+ PT-designed plans guarantees real results. From HIIT to yoga, barre, Pilates, weight training and more, there are options for different levels, all of which were built with women in mind. Take, for example, the Yoga Reform programme, which is made up of 18 classes to be done over six weeks, with sessions focusing on spine mobility, twists, core strength and balance; and Body Boost, a ten-week programme that focuses on high-rep, low-weight exercises if you want to build lean muscle. Short on time? The 15-Minute Programme is just the ticket, providing a variety of quick workouts from cardio to core, toning and more. There’s even a six-week salsa challenge if you’re looking for something different, as well programmes focusing on meditation and running your first 5k. Whichever you choose, rest assured you'll be working out in a way that'll get you results and boost your mood, too. After all, Gymondo's motto is Get Fit. Feel Happy.

This is the FIRST FITNESS APP I’ve used every single day and LOVED every workout.
FP, user

It Does The Hard Work For You

If consistency is something you struggle with when it comes to exercise, Gymondo takes the effort out of planning your workouts and structuring your week. Take two programmes simultaneously or customise your own programme – you can even choose your workout days, and your preferred rest days, and Gymondo will take care of everything else. If you miss a workout, the app will shift your training plan, so you can pick up where you left off. The focus is very much on fostering a routine that is both enjoyable and sustainable, however busy your schedule.

You Can Track Your Progress

Staying on top of your goals is simple with your fitness profile. There’s the option to record your weight and measurements and track the calories you’re burning to stay motivated. Gymondo will also give you activity badges as you get fitter and regular workout challenges will allow you to compete against other members. If music is your thing, there’s also the option to curate your own Spotify playlist to sync with your workout.

You’ll Be Working Out With Top Trainers

Gymondo has been Germany’s leading fitness and nutrition app for the last couple of years, and has since attracted some of the world’s best trainers and fitness personalities. Regardless of the programme or class you’re doing, they’ll always offer real-time cues and appropriate modifications to ensure you’re getting the most out of your workout, with options for beginner, intermediate and advanced level, whether you’re doing a burpee, squat or lunge. Keep an eye out for Vogue Williams' programme, a six-week programme that will help tone and build fat. Plus, with the ability to rate each workout once you’ve finished, the app will tweak your sessions as you go, to ensure you’re constantly challenged. And even when WiFi is nowhere to be found, you can still get a workout in thanks to the ability to download sessions to your phone, laptop or other device.

I usually lack motivation to WORKOUT AT HOME, but I love Gymondo. There’s very little equipment needed and the videos are EASY TO FOLLOW.
Catherina, user

It Makes Healthy Eating Easy

Taking a holistic approach to your health, Gymondo believes what you eat, and when, has a big impact on your energy levels and how well you recover. Giving your body the energy it needs is crucial for results, which is why membership also gives you access to 1,000+ healthy recipes, including vegan and vegetarian options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. To make life even easier, the app also provides pre-made shopping lists – simply choose your favourite recipes and serving sizes then add them to your list. There’s also the option to check the ingredients off as you go, making staying on top of your health goals easier than ever.

You’ll Join A Global Community

Having been downloaded more than 2 million times and with 1.6 million customers across the globe, as well as 12,000 five-star reviews on the App Store, rest assured Gymondo won’t disappoint. 

Want in? Your first two weeks are free – use code SHEERLUXE03 before 31st March.

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