The Best Supplements For Winter Wellness

The Best Supplements For Winter Wellness

With winter around the corner, it’s easy to assume catching a cold or low energy levels are inevitable. Fortunately, Myvitamins’ science-backed supplements have you covered when it comes to staying well. From intelligent shots proven to support your immunity to energy-boosting solutions, these are the supplements we rate…


Even if you make a point of getting your five-a-day, it pays to take a multivitamin in the winter months to support your health from a 360° angle.


Defence Shots, £32.99

If you struggle taking capsules, stock up on these handy orange and mango-flavoured shot drinks, proven to give your immune system a helping hand. Concentrated with 250mg of Wellmune – recently named ingredient of the year by Sports Nutrition due to its ability to support athletes’ immune system post-workout – as well as hefty doses of vitamin C, vitamin B6, iron and zinc, they’re a winter must-have. Added vitamin B6 will also help reduce fatigue, while selenium and ginger will decrease inflammation and enhance immunity. If that wasn’t enough, each shot is calorie and sugar-free.

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Beauty Hot Chocolate, £8.99

 A clever way to support skin health, this low-sugar hot chocolate will fast become a staple in your beauty regime. With less than 40 calories per mug, each serving is packed with organic Peruvian cocoa, a natural antioxidant, as well as biotin, riboflavin and niacin to support skin cells at their deepest levels. Plus, just two teaspoons contain 50% of your recommended daily amount of vitamin C, which will protect cells from oxidative stress and stave off the sniffles. Serve with a dash of your favourite milk for an indulgent, yet healthy, treat.

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Vitamin D3 Spray, £7.99

 Did you know an estimated 25% of British adults are deficient in vitamin D in the winter months? Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption, maintaining healthy bones and teeth, supporting a healthy immune system and contributing to normal muscle function, and this intelligent spray formula makes it easy to get your daily dose. A fast and effective alternative to capsules, each spray packs 500% of your daily recommended dose of vitamin D, and the formula is suitable for vegans. We rate the refreshing lime flavour and handy size, making it perfect for staying healthy on-the-go.

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Vitamin B12, £4.99 (were £5.99)

 Also known as the ‘energy vitamin’, vitamin B12 is a powerhouse, helping create new red blood cells to allow energy to be released after you eat. As B12 is typically found in meat, fish and dairy, it’s not uncommon for those following a plant-based diet to be deficient. If you often feel lethargic and suffer from headaches and a loss of appetite, it could be worth topping up your B12 levels. Myvitamins’ hero formula has you covered, and contains additional folic acid for extra support.

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Wakey Wakey, £9.99 (were £11.99)

Even if you make a point of getting your five-a-day, it pays to take a multivitamin in the winter months to support your health from a 360° angle. A unique blend of 16 vitamins and minerals, this scientifically-proven formula is your short-cut to optimal energy levels and better brain health. If you struggle to get out of bed in the morning or suffer from the dreaded 3pm slump, this is one to try. Just take one tablet in the morning with your breakfast and you’re good to go.

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