13 Experts Share Their Go-To Supplements
13 Experts Share Their Go-To Supplements

13 Experts Share Their Go-To Supplements

We all know the right supplements are designed to correct deficiencies and provide extra support where needed – whether you’re looking for a better night’s sleep, improved focus, smoother digestion or a more resilient immune system. But seeing as it’s a topic we cover a lot, we thought it worth going straight to the experts to find out what they actually take.
By Tor West

Lolade Alakija

Nutritional Therapist

“Vitamin D is a requirement in the UK in the winter months – from October to April – and because of my darker skin, I need a higher dose than the recommended NHS levels. Vitamin D also plays a role in immunity and mood, so I take it daily. I also take liposomal vitamin C, which is not only an incredible antioxidant to protect the body from free radical damage which we get from exposure to environmental toxins, but it also supports immunity. I increase my dosage when travelling. I weight train several times a week and take magnesium to minimise muscle fatigue and support recovery. Magnesium also contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system, including managing stress and anxiety, which are key for me as a mum juggling work, life and kids. Ashwagandha – an adaptogenic herb – helps me unwind in the evening and aids deep sleep.”

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Rohini Bajekal


“A daily B12 supplement is non-negotiable as I follow a plant-based diet. Signs of a B12 deficiency include extreme tiredness, pins and needles, disturbed vision and muscle weakness. If you eat a plant-based diet and are worried about your levels, your GP can arrange for a blood test. I also take iodine for thyroid health. Iodine is a trace element, so we only require tiny amounts (140mcg daily), but a deficiency can affect the gut, mood, energy and even cholesterol. In the UK, we don’t iodise our salt unlike many other parts of the world, so it’s worth taking, especially if you follow a plant-based diet, are pregnant or breastfeeding. I also religiously take an algae-derived omega-3 supplement as I struggle with inflammation due to PCOS. Omega-3 fats help reduce inflammation and aid hormonal, skin and brain health. Two tablespoons of flaxseeds, chia seeds or six walnut halves with my breakfast every day also provide an omega boost.”

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Tor West

SL Senior Health & Wellness Editor

“Having tried hundreds of supplements, the one I come back to time and again is Lyma. The ultimate all-in-one supplement that’s proven to bolster emotional, mental and physical health, it’s a unique combination of vitamins and botanical extracts, all of which can slow down overall ageing to prevent future illness. The formula also gets annual updates as new ingredients become available. The latest to be added to the supplement is levagen, a protein found naturally in the body that acts as a painkiller – studies show it can help with PMS, period pain and muscle recovery. For an all-round body reset, the 30-day starter kit is a refillable – and stylish – choice.”

Visit Lyma.Life 

Phoebe Liebling

Nutritional Therapist

“In both obvious and sneaky ways, modern day life stresses our body, and countless studies show stress is an underlying driver for chronic disease. Optimal sleep is imperative for stress management and long-term wellness, and CBD can support deep, restful sleep. I take HYTN Relax CBD oil when I feel I need additional stress support – the quality is second-to-none and technical information for every batch is shown online. Throughout the day, I add Elete Electrolyte Drops to water. Electrolytes control how fluid moves around the body, and even if you drink plenty of water, you may still be lacking in electrolytes – key signs include a dry mouth and not feeling refreshed. Magnesium malate is my go-to form of magnesium – it aids muscle relaxation, liver detoxification, melatonin production and regulates digestion. I take Metabolics Magnesium Malate.”

Visit NaturalNourishment.me

Yasmin Alexander

Nutritional Therapist

“I’m currently pregnant with my second child, so the quality of what I’m taking matters. Wild Nutrition’s pregnancy multivitamin is my top choice – it contains folate, rather than folic acid, which is the active form and is better used by the body. A pregnancy-specific fish oil – I rate Bare Biology Mums and Bumps – ensures I’m getting the important DHA for the baby’s brain development, and OptiBac’s probiotic for pregnancy keeps my gut in good health. When I need an energy boost, I turn to Nutri Advanced’s Megamag blends – they’re high-strength magnesium supplements that contain added nutrients to support optimal energy production.”

Visit NutritionByYasmin.com

Anya Lahiri

Master Trainer At Barry’s UK

“As well as teaching at Barry’s five days a week, I also train five days a week. To aid recovery, I’ll always grab a Hermosa protein shake from the Fuel Bar after class and use the protein powder to make pancakes on the weekend. I’ve recently started adding JS Health’s Vitality X + Collagen powder to my shakes, too. Every morning, I take Artah Essential Omegas, which help with everything from skin hydration to hormonal balance and metabolism support. If I’m feeling run-down, I’ll add a Lidl Minavit fizzy tablet to a glass of water – they make me feel less tired.”

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Korin Nolan

Co-Founder Of Dynamic Pilates TV

“For immunity, I take a high-dose of slow-release vitamin C. The body can only absorb so much vitamin C at one time. Alongside this, I take 50mg of zinc, which is fantastic for immunity, as well as daily turmeric and ginger shots – I love The Turmeric Company. I used to lose my voice regularly but haven’t done so since taking the shots around six months ago. I also take Elle Sera to balance hormones – it contains five natural ingredients to relieve menopausal symptoms, boost mood, energy, libido and memory. Dirtea’s Lion Mane powder is a recent discovery – I add a teaspoon to a hot drink in the morning to boost focus. It makes me feel more alert without the jittery feeling of coffee.”

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Dr Sophie Shotter

Aesthetic Doctor

Nuchido TIME+ is a must-have supplement. NAD+ is the body’s energy currency. Youthful cells continuously use and recycle NAD+, but as we age, this process becomes sluggish. As we age, we also have increased levels of inflammatory molecules, which in turn reduce NAD+ further – this drives cellular ageing, one of the key reasons why our body ages. Every 20 years, our NAD+ levels halve, so by the time we are 40, our cells can’t function as they once did. This supplement works to increase NAD+ recycling, reduces NAD+ wastage and kicks everything into action. Since taking it, I feel more energetic and sleep better.”

Visit DrSophieShotter.com

Nathalie Clough

Pilates Instructor

“I’ve been seeing a kinesiologist since I was 15 – a fascinating way of pinpointing deficiencies so I can supplement accordingly. I add Nature’s Sunshine liquid chlorophyll to my water daily – it eliminates toxins from the body and replenishes nutrients post-workout. Nature’s Sunshine Nutri-Calm is also an incredible supplement. It contains B vitamins, vitamin C and chamomile to aid anxiety and feelings of overwhelm. The brand’s Super Omega-3, meanwhile, provides a potent source of fatty acids to support brain, skin, muscle and heart health.

Visit Lifebody.io

Lauren Windas

Nutritionist, Naturopath & Co-Founder Of Ardere

“I start my day with 15 drops of milk thistle tincture – a great way to support the liver from both alcohol and environmental toxins. If I am feeling bloated, I swear by Wild Dose. It contains a variety of plant extracts, such as peppermint, as well as probiotics and digestive enzymes, to support nutrient digestion and absorption. To keep me firing on all cylinders, I use Clinique La Prairie’s energy supplements. This gold-standard formula contains brain-enhancing nootropics, potent botanical extracts to counter the body’s stress response alongside mood-boosting amino acids and B vitamins.”

Visit LaurenWindas.com

Dr Jo Mennie

Skin Doctor & Women’s Health Expert At GetHarley

“My most important supplement is vitamin D. Over the last decade, there’s been a fantastic amount of research showing the importance of vitamin D supplementation – it can improve brain health, prevent immune-related diseases, and even protect against obesity and cancer. Emerging research also shows it plays a crucial role in hormone regulation and production. I opt for Solgar’s liquid D3 drops, which are better absorbed than capsules. In the evening, I take Dr David Jack Sweet Dreams, which contains the optimal dose of zinc and magnesium to regulate the depth and quality of sleep. With a toddler and frequent nights of broken sleep, I really feel the benefit of this supplement.”

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Imogen Little

Craniosacral Therapist & Founder Of Heal & Now

“I’m a big believer in gut health being the gatekeeper to a healthy immune system, and overall health in general. I love the brand Just For Tummies – it was founded by a digestive health specialist. I’m currently taking its probiotic and omega-3 formulas, and sporadically take the charcoal capsules for a cleanse to deep clean the gut and get rid of bugs and parasites. I always take it with me when I travel. I also add spirulina to my morning smoothie – it’s loaded with protein, vitamins, iron and manganese to rebalance hormones and support immunity. I rarely get colds and am pretty sure this is down to my daily spirulina intake.”

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Christina Hughes

Nutritional Therapist

“I have a nine-month-old baby and so undisturbed sleep is now a rarity. To support my nervous system and the best quality sleep I can get, I take a magnesium glycinate every evening before bed. This type of magnesium has a higher rate of absorption and is easier on the digestive system. I also take NutriAdvanced MegaMag Calmeze powder, which contains amino acids to support the stress response. I interchange this with MegaMag Fem Balance which also contains myo-inositol to regulate hormones if my irregular cycle needs extra support. Meanwhile, zinc picolinate – which reduces sebum production – has transformed my skin.”

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