The New Smart Wearables We Love

The New Smart Wearables We Love

To hit your fitness goals, it helps to have an insight into your body and how it’s working. Trackers have come a long way in recent years, measuring all sorts of data that can alter how we exercise and eat, rest and even meditate. Here are the latest fitness trackers to know about.
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BEST FOR MEDITATION:  Muse 2, £214.99

What is it?This multi-sensor device is worn across the forehead, resting behind the ears, during meditation to help promote a more effective technique.

How does it work?Muse is an electroencephalogram (EEG) device similar to those used by neuroscience researchers. It uses advanced signal processing to interpret your mental activity. Muse gives you feedback about your meditation in real time by translating your brain signals into the sounds of weather. When your mind is calm and settled, you’ll hear calm and peaceful weather. When your mind is active, the weather will get louder. You can choose from soundscapes like the beach, rainforest or city park. There’s a free mobile app that works in tandem with the EEG hardware to give you real-time feedback on your changing mental state. There’s a journal to record how you feel and guided meditations as well.Available at


What is it?A sleekly designed ring worn on your finger that measures three simple scores: readiness, sleep and activity. It’s one of the least intrusive health trackers on the market and looks pretty smart, too.

How does it work?Oura measures directly from the arteries within your fingers (rather than settling for the capillaries in the wrist) using infrared light photoplethysmography (PPG) sensors that reach deeper than the green-light LEDs found in most other wearables. While you’re awake, Oura captures data on activity and movement; when you’re sleeping, Oura gets an accurate read on your overall health as well as resting heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, body temperature, sleep timing and quality and night-time movement. It links to a mobile app that show three simple scores to provide information and suggestions for best practice.Available at

BEST FOR SLEEP: Philips SmartSleep Snoring Band, POR

What is it?The SmartSleep snoring band is worn around the torso and is intended to reduce snoring disruptions for those who snore on their backs, but not on their sides.

How does it work?First you fall asleep in your favourite position before a built-in 30-minute timer activates the sensor. After 30 minutes, the sensor starts detecting position movement. Then it will begin sending vibrations to change your sleeping position from your back to your side. To help you adjust to the experience of wearing the band, there is an adaptation phase when the number of vibrations will increase over time. After your eighth session, the sensor will vibrate every time you sleep on your back.Available in select stores. Visit

BEST FOR RUNNERS: Smartech Nurvv Run, £249.99

What is it?Nurvv Run is an inner sole that provides rich data, deeper insights and live coaching to improve your running performance and help you stay injury free.

How does it work?The Nurvv Run system uses 16 high-precision sensors (built two last over the duration of three pairs of running shoes) for each foot to capture data at the point of action and record your run with world-leading accuracy. Real-time monitoring generates metrics with live audio and visual cues in the form of coaching experiences, helping you to manage and improve injuries, and reach optimal fitness. Form and load metrics from all of your recent runs generate your Running Health score, indicating your level of injury risk with suggestions on how to improve. Nurvv Run supports four ways to run (Garmin, Apple Watch, phone or in standalone mode with NURVV Run only) and connects to a Bluetooth heart rate monitor to provide live HR zone cues during your run and a comprehensive report on your heart rate afterwards.Available at

BEST FOR POSTURE: Upright Go 2 Posture Trainer, £79.95

What is it?The Upright Go 2 posture trainer is a smart device worn on your upper back that works by itself or with an app on your iPhone or iPad to help you improve your posture. 

How does it work?The discreet trainer attaches to your upper back and alerts you with a gentle vibration when you’re slouching, training you to achieve and maintain perfect posture while strengthening core muscles. Worn daily, it can deliver changes to your posture within two weeks of use. Connect to the app and it’ll provide an individual training plan based on your personal profile, while tracking posture and maintaining training stats. Available at


What is it? The third-generation Whoop strap is a wrist-worn, health monitoring device that goes beyond your average fitness tracker. It monitors your daily activity, sleep and recovery, then gives personalised coaching advice to help you optimise your training and rest.

How does it work?The Whoop app presents your data in four main sections (Overview, Strain, Recovery, Sleep) which are easy to navigate. As the app records more data, it builds up an optimal strain target, based on your recovery, so you can add in more activity if required. When calculating your recovery, it looks at your resting heart rate, respiratory heart rate and heart rate variability. It’ll also advise on how much sleep you need, as well as monitoring and reporting sleep metrics, such as disturbed sleep, how much time you spent in bed and how long it took you to fall asleep. 

The basic black Whoop strap is free with the purchase of a membership which gives you access to the app. There are different pricing options depending on what subscription you take out, starting at $30 a month.Available at Join.Whoop.Com

BEST FOR MONITORING BLOOD SUGAR: Levels, From $395, which includes a telemedicine consultation

What is it?Using biometric feedback, Levels tracks your blood glucose in real time using a glucose monitor which is stuck on your arm and delivers biometric feedback to show you how your body reacts to food and exercise.

How does it work? Our metabolism regulates our sleep, our appetite, our weight and our energy levels. Levels helps you maximise your metabolic health through monitoring your blood glucose balance. Blood glucose balance is affected by what you eat and drink, as well as stress levels and sleep. Levels gives you real-time information on your glucose readings, enabling you to make better lifestyle choices, such as what to eat and when. The Levels app is like an intelligent metabolic coach. By studying your food and exercise, it can show you how your fitness and dietary choices affect your metabolism, and give you ways to improve your health. As you go through the Levels program, you’ll get comprehensive weekly and 28-day reports to show you progress, best and worst foods, where you rank in the general population, and what to do next.Available at

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