The Cool Car Launch To Know About
The Cool Car Launch To Know About

The Cool Car Launch To Know About

Each May, A-listers from the worlds of film and fashion flock to the French Riviera for the Cannes Film Festival. At the star-studded event’s 2024 edition, BMW is unveiling the BMW XM Mystique Allure – a one-of-a-kind model dedicated to Naomi Campbell. Here’s everything you should know about this red carpet-approved car that has ‘progressive luxury’ as its driving force…

Created in partnership with BMW


This is the third time luxury car brand BMW has partnered with Cannes Film Festival. Its 2024 outing is extra special as it is built around a high-profile launch: the BMW XM Mystique Allure. The first BMW to be tailored with high-fashion materials, it is dedicated to original supermodel Naomi Campbell. Campbell took to the Cannes red carpet for the official unveiling of the couture-inspired show car, which features a daring design inspired by the highest form of fashion. 

The new car brings BMW’s longstanding relationship with Campbell full circle. Alongside her successful catwalk career, Campbell has established herself as an actor and creative visionary, becoming one of the most influential figures on the global fashion scene. That’s why Campbell – who featured in the 2023 Dare To Be You BMW XM campaign, an homage to believing in yourself – is now getting a one-of-a-kind XM dedicated to her.

the LOOK

This all-new BMW XM is inspired by high fashion and its materials. It has been worked on by Swiss maestro Jakob Schlaepfer, whose textiles are used by major houses such as Dior and Chanel. And the innovative design does not stop at aesthetics. Legendary film composer Hans Zimmer has created a sound experience inspired by Campbell for this BMW XM vehicle.

Inspired by Campbell’s iconic violet and deep blue fashion looks throughout the years, the vehicle’s exterior features a highly saturated Ultramarine colour with a silky matte finish. The XM’s design brings the inside to the outside, featuring velvet and Frozen Metallic painted sequins in shades from intense violet to deep ultramarine. The overall effect is bold, vibrant and makes a statement – like Campbell herself. 

the CAR

With its iconic design, an interior focused on high comfort, and an M Hybrid drive system that’s making its debut in a series-produced model, the BMW XM creates a new connection between luxury and high performance.

The compromise-free design is matched to incredible performance that elevates the BMW XM to a completely new model in the luxury segment. This high-performance car is fitted with a newly developed plug-in hybrid system delivering maximum output of 480 kW (653 hp).

The BMW XM plug-in hybrid model is the most powerful series-produced, road-legal car yet produced by BMW. The new M Hybrid button on the centre console is used to select the desired operating mode for the drive system – choose between hybrid, electric and e-control modes. In fully electric mode, the BMW XM enables over 80km of purely electric, locally emission-free driving.


The BMW XM Mystique Allure starts from £110,000 including VAT. For more information about the car, visit

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