Give The Gift Of Pleasure This Festive Season

Give The Gift Of Pleasure This Festive Season

Christmas is the time of year for all things fun and festive, and that should include your sex life. Whether you’re flying solo or looking to add some excitement in the bedroom over the holidays, you might want to think about trying out some of sexual wellness brand LELO’s toys. We caught up with Kate Moyle, sex and relationships expert for LELO UK, for her top tips.

A Toy Can Help You Climax

“If you struggle to orgasm either alone or with a partner, incorporating a sex toy into your sexual experiences can help you to get to know yourself better, enjoy more pleasure and grow in confidence. Many women who struggle with orgasm often find themselves starting to hold back or overthink the situation in the moment, and this can interrupt pleasure. A sex toy can sometimes act as a buffer for that. When it comes to using a toy with your partner, you may enjoy a vibrating cock ring, like the TOR 2, which can be used hands-free to stimulate both of you during intercourse. If you’re new to toys as a couple, consider a handheld vibrator like the Alia or Mia – use this for playing, teasing and massage.”

Experiment With Edging

“A vibrator provides a new set of sensations, which when stimulating the highest density of nerve endings in the body – i.e. the clitoris – can be intensely pleasurable. In terms of techniques, try edging. This involves taking yourself to the point of orgasm, and then stopping, which can keep you in a prolonged state of pleasure. Many women describe stronger orgasms as a result. An orgasm is a peak of arousal, and so edging requires getting to know your body and being able to identify the window of time before the peak, so that you don't go into orgasm. A sex toy can help you learn about your body and what feels good for you, in turn helping you feel more relaxed and confident.”

Get Creative

“LELO offers an amazing variety of toys, and there are countless ways you can use them. Toys can be used for direct stimulation by yourself in front of a partner, or by them on you; you can also incorporate them into a massage to build suspense and anticipation, which can be a real aphrodisiac and can enhance arousal. You might also like to try giving up control to each other, such as with a remote-controlled toy like the Hula Beads. There are also sex toys designed for men such as the Hugo, which can help incorporate prostate stimulation into your sex life.”

Choose Something Together

“When it comes to choosing a sex toy to use with a partner, start with a discussion and then log onto a website, such as Using a website as a prompt is a great way of opening up the conversation about what you do and don’t like and what you may be interested in trying. Keep it fun and playful and talk about what you like the look of. If it's your first time using a toy as a couple then start simple, and when you have grown in confidence, consider something a little more adventurous.”

Don’t Discount Clitoral Stimulation

“If you’ve never used a sex toy on your own, start simple and think about the kind of experience or pleasure you want to try. A sex toy doesn’t always have to be about internal stimulation – in fact, a toy like the SONA uses sonic pulses to stimulate the entire clitoris, allowing a much deeper orgasm. It’s best used with lubricant – start on a low setting and gradually build up the intensity. The SONA can also be used by couples to build arousal. If you’re after something that has dual purpose then a model like the INA, which offers both internal and external stimulation, is a good place to start. In general, look for something that appeals to you aesthetically – if you’re feeling worried or nervous about using a toy it’ll distract from your enjoyment. Rest assured all LELO toys are made using high-quality materials which are body safe.”

A sex toy can help you learn about your body and what feels good for you, in turn helping you feel more relaxed and confident.
A sex toy can help you learn about your body and what feels good for you, in turn helping you feel more relaxed and confident.

Take It To The Next Level

“If you and your partner have been using toys in the bedroom for a while, try the IDA. Worn by the female during intercourse, it rotates inside you to tease the G-spot and his length simultaneously. It’s also controlled by a remote for added fun.”

Double Up

“LELO toys are designed with usability in mind, so you don’t need more than one toy at a time, but if you did want to, try pairing the TOR 2 cock ring with a handheld bullet vibrator for mutual masturbation and play, and then you could carry on with the TOR 2 if you decided to move to intercourse. Another way of spicing things up is using a prostate massager like the HUGO, which can be worn by a male partner, while they perhaps use a handheld vibrator on you.” 

Make It More Pleasurable

“A good water-based lubricant – such as LELO’s Personal Moisturiser – is a great addition to all elements of your sex life. The vagina naturally lubricates, but extra lubricant is never a bad thing; it reduces friction and creates a pleasurable gliding sensation. Plus, hormonal changes and stress can impact arousal, and lubricant is an easy solution to that. It's also important for clitoral stimulation as the clitoris doesn't self-lubricate.”

Stay In The Moment

“Store your toys in your bedside drawer for easy access – nothing kills the moment more than having to scrabble around looking for something. Also remember that communication is a key part of any sex life, so speak to your partner about incorporating toys into the bedroom rather than just springing it on them.”

Since launching in 2003, Swedish brand LELO has gained a cult following thanks to its decadent designs that offer the best in high-tech intimacy. All LELO products come with a ten-year guarantee and come in chic, discreet packaging. Almost all LELO products can be used in a variety of ways, depending on what feels right. For more information visit

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