Your November Horoscope
Your November Horoscope

Your November Horoscope

From relationships to career goals, find out what this month has in store for you with astrologer Fiona Graham’s predictions.
By Fiona Graham

It’s time to be true to your dynamic self, and this of course means being proactive. You will make a huge difference to the people and projects that are closest to your heart. Just beware of expecting others to move as swiftly as you. From the 6th you’ll be able to negotiate yourself into a positive position to make things happen. An unexpected bonus or promotion is a possibility too. Whatever you do, your priority is to recognise your own value and talents. After midmonth your charisma and can-do attitude will allow you to make even more waves when you need to. Plus, you’ll have the chance to achieve something that means a lot at an intimate level. You are weaving your own magic but must avoid getting caught up in scenarios that have purely superficial value.

November’s mission is to follow your heart and choose the most authentic way forward. Firstly, you need to identify exactly what this means at work and personally. From the 3rd what seemed like a pipedream may now become a feasible goal. You won’t be the only person to be surprised by this. Meanwhile a close relation might react to your progress in a baffling way, but by the 13th your common sense will help you solve this. You will also attract attention in unusual places with the minimum of effort. However, your biggest success depends on not giving away too much too soon. The 25th marks a new chapter for your personal life and shared dreams. It will become clear that a grand ambition is closer to home than you had thought, and a new future is beckoning.

The desire to get ahead on your own terms is completely understandable. But patience will be rewarded more than anything else now, and it will allow you the space to decipher some subtle signs. This will result in sweet victory as early as the 9th. Make the most of being able to read conflicting information, as you will also unravel mixed messages conveyed by close colleagues. Waiting and listening will be your top tactics now – not always an easy choice for you! A friend’s advice is pure genius and helps you express your talents in their full glory. By the 21st an opportunity seems to appear out of the blue. At this point trust your judgement and simply go for what you want. You’ll make the most of new, and unexpected, circumstances as and when they appear.

It will become clear you are on an adventure that is designed for you. Meanwhile, as soon as the 4th, various people will make demands, and it’s in your best interests to be as inclusive as possible while also taking objective advice. The coming weeks will be an obvious, yet successful, test of your juggling skills. As complications begin to resolve, especially at work, you will take a huge leap forward, which will be in line with a long-held personal ambition. Now that you are in a stronger position, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to achieve the positive results you really want, and to keep the people you love on side. After the 25th you’ll thrive on knowing you have also impressed an influential person. New people entering your life will herald a new start.

From early November it is obvious that there is no place for ‘all talk and no action’. Other people will respect your sense of community. They will also love it when you shine in the way you know best, without getting distracted by irrelevant details. Around midmonth it will pay off to steer clear of tempting but unnecessary invitations… Seize your opportunities when they arise, as you’ll be able to follow through on these and make an impressive difference. After the 21st you’ll find the time to explore avenues simply because they appeal to you. However, tackling the nitty-gritty stuff first is crucial for your career as well as elsewhere. From the 28th you’ll be on track to experiment and have fun, but never lose sight of how significant your new responsibilities are.

Now is the time to set your imagination to work and to keep your options open. Try not to get bogged down in too much detail and be as adventurous as possible… From the 6th, opportunities in unexpected areas requiring you to take some risks cannot be ignored. Encouraging change will help you find the zest for life you crave. However, it’s also wise not to neglect the routine tasks and responsibilities that keep your personal life on track. After the 17th, clear communication about money is essential and will deliver results. By late November a relationship reveals its hidden depths which should be a major boost to your sense of wellbeing. You’ll make extraordinary discoveries if you pay careful attention, while always remaining true to yourself.

In early November appearances can be deceptive. However, you’ll be able to negotiate this and develop a powerful bond with someone special. Success requires you to employ your natural gift for diplomacy and avoid impatient reactions where possible. The best results won’t necessarily be immediately obvious. Around the 15th, make the most of winning someone’s trust, especially as this unique person genuinely wants to learn all about you too. Meanwhile it will become apparent that you have an ally at work who is applauding your every move. So much of your success will result from being willing to take a leap of faith in often complex situations. From the 25th, agreements with others will empower you beyond your wildest dreams.

With so much going on in various areas of life, it may seem impossible to quite finish anything properly. But from as soon as the 7th you’ll start to see the wood for the trees and finally experience that (sometimes) elusive sense of achievement. From now on you’ll have more freedom to spend quality time with the people you love. And, although you might resist, deep down you understand that someone else knows what’s best for you in a personal dynamic – this may mean taking chances you’d rather avoid, but it will prove to be worth it. By the 24th, old dilemmas are easier to solve, and before long you will have time to enjoy developments in love. Self-confidence is the key to progress in November, so do your best to see yourself as others do.

From early November you’ll need to use your intuition to read between the lines of a complex person’s words; yet little stands in the way of dealing with a romantic intrigue before it gets out of control. In so many ways it seems like you can have it all, which is a brilliant feeling however nerve-wracking it might be too. However, clear priorities are crucial to keep things on track, not to mention getting down to some old-fashioned hard work. After the 18th it’s obvious that some of your relationships have their complications, and it will be up to you to find solutions in the most important areas. By the 24th you’ll also find you are centre stage at work, which means you must show that you mean business. However, be sure to tread with care to avoid pointless power struggles.

This month it’s essential to be patient when it comes to motivating the people you love and respect. From the 6th, a close ally has important things to say, and it will be in your best interests to listen carefully and to take their message on board. However, your focus now is the quest for experiences that promise self-fulfilment and personal growth. Around the 13th, vital information will appear that makes a huge difference to your options. Allowing yourself time to relax and regroup will also go a very long way. As the lines of communication open up with your loved ones, you’ll find you are better prepared to follow your own dreams. By the 26th, someone will show you exactly the kind of respect you need and deserve, which may also mean that romance is in the air.

Your excellent people skills will come into their own, but do not forget that you can also hold your own ground without encroaching on others. Recently you may have felt unusually restricted and have needed to seek solutions to this. Events around the 10th mean that nothing now stands in the way of speaking out and making a splash. Yet it’s vital to get back to basics and to refuse to be taken in by unfounded rumours. Being true to yourself is even more relevant by midmonth when you will be faced with a new kind of drama. From the 18th, your sharp thinking will score highly, and eventually you’ll experience a kind of transformation at work, as well as at home. The time will soon come when you must be prepared for someone to amaze you too!

November is the perfect time to express yourself freely – a positive all round if you avoid making promises that are too big to keep. From the 6th, your top goal should be to maximise your creativity. Take a chance and express a radical idea which you have been keeping to yourself. As a result, you’ll soon find you can solve problems, including practical ones, relatively easily. Take a breath and talk openly about cash dilemmas that have been swept under the table and be clear when you need to argue a point. Self-confidence combined with your natural empathy will inspire the changes everyone needs. All kinds of talk will need a response from you, but don’t let idle chit-chat dominate in any way. The key thing is to concentrate on the issues that have genuine meaning to you.

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