Sheerluxe Show: Key Rules For Fashion In Your 40s

Georgie Coleridge Cole hosts with Lu Hough, Laura Black, and special guest, top celebrity stylist Gayle Rinkoff joining on the sofa. Later on in the show, Gayle talks through her key rules for fashion in your 40s and the styling tips to know plus, the team reveal the gadgets they rely on.
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The SL ladies discuss mother-daughter trips; six-second kissing to boost your sense of closeness and intimacy with your partner and whether Crocs have a place in fashion now ASOS have started to sell them.

For fashion in your 40s, we’ve called on the expertise of celebrity stylist Gayle Rinkoff who knows a thing or two when it comes to fashion and exactly how to make the trends work in a grown-up way. Gayle Rinkoff shares her fashion rules for how to dress in your 40s plus how to style each outfit.

Finally, from clever hacks for cleaning your jewellery to the charging devices you need for on the go, the SL ladies share the handy gadgets they rely on to make that life

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