Gua Sha: How To Use This Beauty Tool For A Flawless Glow |
Not to be confused with jade rollers, Gua Sha tools are said to contour, reduce puffiness and deeply massage your face by scraping your skin to improve circulation. We spoke to leading celebrity facialist, Su-Man, to get a better understanding how this new massage tool works…
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Firstly, Know How Gua Sha Works

“It literally means ‘to scrape away fever.’ So, it’s a tool that’s used to bring inflammation or illness to the skin’s surface so the pain can be relieved. It’s not as simple as using a jade roller, it requires more of a technique so that you can smooth blood flow, promoting skin metabolism, which in turn, ensures your complexion has adequate nutrients. For example, stroking over an area brings blood carrying oxygen and nutrients to tissue that has previously been deprived. The blood then carries away built up toxins, like lactic acid, which brings instant glow and radiance to the top of your skin. It’s also been known to reduce headaches and jaw pain when used correctly.”

Understand Gua Sha Is Different To A Jade Roller

“If I’m honest, I don’t know why anyone is roller skating on their face. It’s personal preference, but in my opinion, if you want to contour your face, nothing works better than a Gua Sha stone. Thanks to their flat surface, you’re able to penetrate deeper into the layers of the skin, stimulating all the muscles in the face while boosting lymphatic drainage. Gradually, you’ll see the reduction of puffiness as well as a bouncier, elasticity to the skin. While you can do it yourself, I’d recommend seeking a professional first, because if too much pressure is applied, you can cause damage, so it’s good to know your limits before going DIY.”

Pay Attention When You Start Using It

“There is such a thing as being too firm when it comes to Gua Sha stones, especially if you’re doing it on yourself. Make sure you pay attention to the redness of your face when you start. If the skin starts looking raw or burned, you’re doing it too hard and should stop immediately. While it’s generally a safe tool, I never recommend it if you’re someone who bruises easily or has overly sensitive skin – unless you’re having it done by a professional who can assess your needs fully.”

Keep Movements Slow & Gentle

“The strokes you use can be long or short, depending on what your needs are. But it’s not about a vigorous back-and-forth motion, it’s a gentle glide and slight pull across the face. Doing it this way will avoid inflammation and prevent those red dots of blood appearing underneath the skin. If you’re ever confused by the correct motions, check out my Instagram @Sumanskincare for further tips and detailed videos on how to use it yourself at home. Generally speaking, you should start by placing the flat side of the tool at the base of your neck and start stroking upward at a 45-degree angle to the face. You can use it with or without any product, but I recommend using it along with a serum or oil, post-cleanse for your best plumped-up results.”

Choose Your Tools Wisely

“You need to pick a tool that has a smooth edge and surface to avoid scratching or cutting the skin. In old days, we used a spoon or even wood! But now you can find so many fancy marble tools that are easy to manoeuvre and use on the skin. Most importantly though, it’s knowing how to use it properly for the best benefits.” For a large selection of gua sha tools, head to

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