The Best Diet & Detox Packages

Whether you’re looking to clean up your diet after an indulgent Christmas, have trouble making healthy choices, or need a helping hand with portion control, there’s no better time than January to overhaul your regime. From juice cleanses to vegan-friendly meals, these are the diet and detox packages to try…


The sister of gourmet food delivery service The Pure Package, Balance Box serves up delicious, calorie-controlled meals that won’t break the bank. Both the Market Menu (1,200 calories) and the Super Market Menu (1,800 calories) offer a nutritionally balanced breakfast, lunch and supper as well as two additional snacks, meaning you won’t go hungry. Deliveries are made every four days, and all meals come with detailed heating instructions. While there isn’t the choice to personalise your menu (aside from vegetarian, pescatarian and ‘free-from’), this is a well-priced, top-quality option for those looking to get their diet back on track. 

PRICE POINT: From £22.99 per day, one-off orders and subscriptions available. 



Offering pre-prepared, performance-geared nutrition, Fresh Fitness Food is perfect for those who take their fitness seriously. Start by choosing your personal goal, then talk to an in-house nutritionist, personalise your plan and you’re good to go. As close as you can get to cooking your own food without having to step foot in the kitchen, there’s the option to exclude certain ingredients (ideal for fussier eaters) and each meal comes fully labelled with its macronutrients (i.e. protein, carbs and fats). Food is freshly prepared by an expert team of chefs the day before delivery, and all meals are gluten and refined sugar-free. Within London and the M25 only.

PRICE POINT: From £23 per day.



If looking after your body is one of your priorities for 2021, Kurami’s meal delivery service is one to keep on your radar. Developed by a nutritionist, the menu has been designed to boost gut health and overall wellbeing and is free from gluten, dairy, refined sugars and additives. Fusing the power of ancient ingredients and global cuisine with modern superfoods, expect dishes like teff pancakes with berry compote, vegan burgers and Asian-inspired salads for lunch, and plenty of guilt-free smoothies and other treats. Food is delivered daily for freshness and comes in fully recyclable packaging. 

PRICE POINT: From £29.90 for three meals daily.



When it comes to healthy eating, meal prep is one of those things you know you should be doing, but the reality of cooking endless batches of lentils and brown rice soon wears thin. Fortunately, No1 Food Prep can do the hard work for you, serving up delicious (and super healthy) meals direct to your door. Avoiding sugars, refined carbs and other nasties, No1 Food Prep works with sustainable producers and seasonal produce. There’s a programme to suit all appetites – starting from the ‘Lite’ 1,300-calorie plan, which includes three meals per day and a snack. Once you’ve tried the food – think banana and salted caramel pancakes, green lentil Dahl, beetroot brownies and turmeric turkey burgers, you won’t look back. 

PRICE POINT: Prices for the ‘Lite’ package start from £56 for seven days.



One of the UK’s first-ever cold-pressed juice companies, Plenish offers a variety of cleanses, ranging from those suitable for beginners to the advanced ‘Pro’ Cleanse. There’s also the option to sign up to a 5:2 Programme, a simple way to reap the benefits of this popular diet without the calorie counting – each pack contains 12 juices, the equivalent of six juices per day over your two fasting days. Unlike other juice companies, Plenish allows you to tweak the contents of your delivery – add in a ginger or turmeric shot, a carton of almond milk or an additional bottle of your favourite juice blend. Ideal for first-timers, the Level 1 Cleanse comes in at 1,050 calories per day and provides 6kg per day of organic produce, the perfect way to reset after a period of overindulgence. 

PRICE POINT: A one-day Level 1 Cleanse is priced at £59 – next day delivery is also available for those keen to hit the ground running. 



Gone are the days of sadly picking your way through bland salads. The Rolls Royce of healthy food deliveries, Pure Package is an industry favourite, renowned for its seriously good food and nutritional credentials. Whether you’re looking to lose a few pounds, establish better eating habits or want to try the Paleo diet, there’s a programme for everyone, and portions are generous, with a healthy balance of high-quality protein, slow-release carbs and essential fats. Each Pure Package experience kicks off with a phone consultation with a nutritionist, and meals are delivered daily so there’s no need to have a huge fridge to store a week’s worth of food. The team are also on hand 24/7 for any queries you may have, although your daily menu comes with detailed instructions on heating and ingredients.

PRICE POINT: New customers can sign up for a three-day Reset Plan, with prices starting from £49.95 per day. 



If you’re in need of a reset, look no further than Purearth, whose juices are cold-pressed (meaning they’re packed with nutrients) and made no sooner than 24 hours before delivery for peak freshness. If you’re new to juicing, try the Rainbow Juice Cleanse, which can be done in just 24 hours or a more hardcore six-days if you’re a juicing pro, while the Winter Warmer Juice Cleanse features broths and nut milks, which can be heated up. If the prospect of a liquid-only cleanse is a little intimidating, Purearth also sell individual juices to sip as you please – the Work From Home Wellness Juice Pack comes with a variety of juices, water kefir blends and a Vitamin D spray for optimal immunity. 

PRICE POINT: Prices for the Rainbow Juice Cleanse and Winter Warmer Cleanse start from £80.


BEST FOR VEGANS: Spring Green London

Beautiful food that tastes great is at the heart of Spring Green London’s philosophy, a food delivery service headed up by Michelin-trained chef Bonnie Stowell. Making light work of a 100% plant-based menu, both their three and five-day programmes have a strong focus on botanical superfoods and make the most of naturally occurring nutrients to help nourish body, skin and mind. The perfect way to get you excited about healthy eating, Spring Green London’s dishes are some of the prettiest out there and taste as good as they look – dishes include coconut and banana pancakes, prawn and cashew coconut curry, pea burgers and beetroot fritters. There’s also the option to add an extra dinner for a friend or partner, ideal for these housebound times. 

PRICE POINT: From £36 per day. 



Cult London deli Detox Kitchen’s nutrient-loaded meals have been designed to leave you feeling light, energised and nourished, as well as supporting your workouts and aiding recovery. Offering various packages depending on your goal - from 1,000-calorie cleanses to breakfast and lunch-only boxes - each meal is brimming with goodness, think rainbow poke bowls, goji granola, veggie bolognese and vegetable curries. If you’re not looking to commit to a cleanse but want a new year reset, consider the Detox Kitchen’s Fridge Fills, which come with six meals to enjoy as you like – salads will keep in the fridge for up to three days, and hot meals for five.

PRICE POINT: Cleanses start from £31.45 per day; Fridge Fill prices start from £40 for six dishes.



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