12 Beauty Hacks To Speed Up Your Routine

12 Beauty Hacks To Speed Up Your Routine

Whether you’re juggling the children or just want a few more minutes in bed, for the majority of us, a speedier and more streamlined beauty routine is always welcome. From using hairspray to set your brows, to why you should always mix your tan drops with your foundation – here are some key hacks to help you look and feel your best, fast.
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Hack #1: Spray Brows To Set Them Properly

“If you find your brows are wayward or not settling, use a small can of strong hold hairspray to set them in place after you’ve shaped them. This works better – in my opinion – than most brow gels. Mist it onto a spoolie before running it through if you don’t want to go overboard. It’s great for getting that on-trend, laminated effect, plus it’s speedy and takes all of five seconds.” Caroline Barnes, A-List Make-Up Artist 

Hack #2: Get Crafty With Mascara

“Try wiggling your mascara wand right into the roots of your lash, deliberately allowing some mascara to fall onto the skin. Quickly smudge the mascara that’s migrated onto your lids, using either a fine cotton bud or angled brush to create a tight liner. Tidy up the line with a cotton bud and micellar water. Then you’ve done lashes and a tight, thin (or smoked – whatever your preference) liner in one go. It’s quick, simple and effective.” Kenneth Soh, Make-Up Artist 

Hack #3: Keep A Damp Blender Handy

“When you’re in a rush, keep a damp blender sponge to hand. You can use this to blend without having to use your hands or several brushes. The beauty of a blender is it can help soften excess blusher, excess eyeshadow or foundation easily when time is of the essence. It’s also great for intensifying pigments and colours, too. It’s definitely one of the most versatile tools you can own.” Ruby Hammer MBE, Global Make-Up Artist  

Hack #4: Switch Up Your Formulas 

“If you struggle to perfect feline flicks quickly, then try ditching liquid formulas. Switch to using powder eyeshadows – or creams – which are much easier to neaten up at speed. They’re also easier to soften and smoke out, so they never look too harsh or ageing. Use an angled brush for extra precision.” Joy Adenuga, Make-Up Artist & Beauty Expert 

Hack #5: Mix Foundation With Tan Drops

“Achieving glow-y skin in a rush is easier than you think. Simply add two to three gradual tanning drops to your foundation or base so you can apply everything in one go. Use a brush and blend it all over, right up into your hairline; over the next few hours the colour will build, while also delivering great luminosity and a healthy-looking glow. The Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops are particularly good for this as they build slowly (they’re vegan, too).” – Cher Webb, Make-Up Artist & Beauty Influencer  

Hack #6: Make Your Eyeshadow Work Harder

“If you’re caught out or in a rush, then take a brown eyeshadow and use it to replace any brow powder or gel. This is especially effective if it’s a similar tone to your own brows – preferably a touch lighter – as it will add the kind of depth and dimension some specific brow products can’t. Use a brush or a spoolie – or whatever is to hand – and just gently run it through your brow hairs.” Hannah Martin, Make-Up Artist  

Hack #7: Double-Up Your Tools

“Use your lipstick as a blusher for a fresh and natural look. Apply your lipstick as usual, then pop a touch on your cheeks, blending outwards with your fingers for a natural flush that ties in with the colour palette of your make-up look.” Levi-Jade Taylor, Make-Up Artist & Creative
“Using your go-to lipstick on the eyes, cheeks and lips will help tie everything together and bring a beautiful warmth to your complexion. Use creamy textures on the eyes, too, as they blend well and give a beautiful glow of colour.” Mira Parmar, Make-Up Artist  

Hack #8: Keep Skin Cool

“This is an oldie but a goodie – if you look swollen or puffy, dunk your face into cold water or use some of the new ice globes that are currently flooding the market. Those on a budget can fill a sink with cold water, add ice, then wash their face with a flannel. Give it a few seconds and you’ll instantly see a difference. Not only will skin be de-puffed, but blood will be circulating better, so you’ll look more awake and refreshed. It’s a quick-fix, but it works – temporarily.” – Valeria Ferreira, Make-Up Artist 

Hack #9: Stock Up On Cotton Buds

“Always keep some cotton buds handy. Hold one underneath your lower lashes and move it along as you apply your mascara. This will mean any excess or transference will immediately hit the bud, saving you time when it comes to cleaning everything up. It’s simple, but effective.” Lisa Potter-Dixon, Pro Make-Up Artist  

Hack #10: Don’t Forget About Lip Balm

“Lip balm is a great way to add a youthful sheen to the skin. Try using a little on the highest points of your face – lids, down the centre of your nose and cheekbones, too. It will instantly freshen up your skin while nourishing it as well. It takes all of two seconds and is quite flattering compared to some of the more glittery highlighters on the market.” Zoe Taylor, Make-Up Artist & SL Contributor  

Hack #11: Get Savvy With False Lashes

“In the interest of time, try applying false lashes underneath the lash, instead of the traditional way on top. Not only is this quicker, it adds visibly more bulk, definition and weight. You may think this sounds like nonsense, but try it – you’ll never apply them the ‘normal’ way again.” Chynara Kojoeva, International Pro Make-Up Artist 

Hack #12: Speed Up Cat Flicks

“Liquid liner on my upper lids, complete with a little flick is my signature look. When you’re in a rush, there’s an easy way to achieve this look in less than a minute. Curl your lashes and apply mascara as normal. Then take your liquid liner, look straight into a mirror and using your outermost eyelash as a ‘guide,’ trace yourself a wing – almost like your lash has a body double. Finesse it by completing the triangle; another flick to meet the original, fill-in and you’re done. You don’t need to bother with the rest of the liner – that outer flick will do all the work.” Sophie Tilley, Make-Up Artist & Writer 

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