7 Beauty Hacks To Simplify Your Make-Up Routine

7 Beauty Hacks To Simplify Your Make-Up Routine

There are endless tutorials out there showing you how to create the perfect make-up look – but for many of us, time is of the essence. If you fall into the latter camp, then here, make-up master Ashley Dayes shares her best hacks to simplify your make-up routine…
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Focus On Your Best Features 

“If you want to simplify and speed things up, focus on your best features. For example, one of my biggest bugbears is my short lashes, but I know that even if I spend forever on them, they still won’t have a huge impact on my overall look. Whether it’s brows or lips, play to your strengths. If you’re lucky enough to have full, bushy brows, for instance, simply sculpting them into place will improve your entire look.” 


Invest In Key Products 

“For simple, fast make-up, some products are more important than others. A bronzing mist stays put, leaves your complexion looking healthy and adds some speedy glow. A concealer is also essential. Even a small amount can make a big difference – whether you use it to cover dark circles, the odd blemish or even out skin tone. Just don’t use ones that are too matte – a creamy consistency will be easier to work with. Another product is a highlighting powder. Yes, they give your complexion a beautiful glow in seconds, but they also work well on eyelids – especially gold tones. Likewise, everyone needs an eyeliner. Felt tips are great but they aren’t the best if you want a dead straight line. Instead, use a brush to scrape some colour off a gel eyeliner, then blend and build the colour onto your lids. Finally, use a lip and cheek duo – ideally ones with red tones – all over the face to perk it up. I love the new Rose Inc ones.”


Cheat A Feline Flick

“A feline flick can instantly make your eyes look wide awake – it’s such a quick trick when you don’t want to make a lot of effort. For an easy, impactful feline flick, gel eyeliners are best applied with a brush. Also, keep an eyeshadow in the same shade close by to buff a little into the liner and create a more effortless, smoked-out effect. To extend the flick at the outer corner, use your brush and liner, pulling both in an up and outward direction. If you mess up, don’t panic, you can use a cotton bud with some micellar water to tidy it up. My Kit Co does some incredible buds – they’re so thin and offer maximum precision.” 


Blot Your Lipstick 

“If lipstick is too much, simply blot it with tissue. You can also use your finger on the bullet of the lipstick and then press the colour onto the lips to create a stained effect that stays put and doesn’t transfer – it’s so quick and easy. Another hack is to just use a liner instead. Providing you don’t have dry lips, simply scribble it on to define and add some colour to the lips. Just remember to smother lips in a balm the night beforehand so they stay smooth. To keep things even simpler, mix a lip pencil with a lip balm and push the combined colour into your lips at the same time.”


Use Just One Brush

“You only need one good brush to create several kinds of looks. My favourite is the Hourglass Vanish Foundation Brush. It blends everything together perfectly and can be used with several different textures – whether that’s concealer, foundation, bronzer or blush. I recommend it to anyone looking for simple, seamless results.” 


Get Creative

“You don’t always have to use products for their ‘designated’ purpose. For instance, I love using lipgloss and tinted lip balms on my cheeks and eyelids. Both give such a healthy, believable glow with just a hint of colour. They’re also easy to blend – products that are blendable are key for quick and simple beauty looks. That includes glosses, balms, creams and liquids.” 


Prioritise Exfoliation

“If you want to keep your make-up on the simpler side, bright and healthy skin should cut the work in half – which is why regular exfoliation is key. I love the Kate Somerville Exfolikate Two Minute Treatment. Try using this – or something similar – in the shower on clean, damp skin. It resurfaces, brightens and improves uneven tone almost immediately. Finish with a rich, balmy moisturiser when you step out the shower and your skin will feel buttery soft. Remember, too much product pre-make-up will mean it’ll wear off quicker. If, like me, you love skincare, invest in some great overnight serums and treatments instead. That way you’ll save yourself time in the morning.”


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