7 Eyelash Curler Hacks Everyone Should Know

7 Eyelash Curler Hacks Everyone Should Know

Often hailed as a beauty essential, eyelash curlers can soon gather dust if you’re not confident about using them. With that in mind, we've compiled seven ways you can get the most out of the tool professionals wouldn't be without…

Curl Before Mascara

You still hear of people applying mascara and then curling their lashes – a big no-no. Not only does this make your curlers extra gunky, it can also damage your lashes. Instead, curl your lashes pre-mascara. You may find applying any formula afterwards weighs lashes down again, but this can be avoided by wiping off excess product from the wand and lightly applying it from the tips to the roots in a dabbing motion. Make sure your mascara goes on in a few thin layers rather than one big thick one.

Keep The Pressure Light 

The harder you clamp, the more likely you are to break your lashes and bend them into an unrealistic curve. To get the best results, bring your curler as close to the base of your lashes as possible without touching the skin of your eyelids. Then, gently squeeze for a few seconds and release, moving the curler along the lash line as you go. Keep repeating this gentle pressure and you’ll soon see a nice, gradual lift.

Warm Your Lash Curlers 

This is a trick that really does work. Either let your curlers sit on a radiator before use, or blast them with some warm air from your hairdryer. Either way, the warmth will give lashes extra curl and hold. Alternatively, place the clamp in a glass of hot water for five to ten seconds to create a more even heat. Dry it off, then curl as normal.

Invest In Good Quality 

Quality counts when it comes to eyelash curling. Steer clear of any curlers that have a slippery grip as these can cause pulling. Look to Kevyn Aucoin and Shu Uemura’s cult curlers, both of which fit the curve of the lash line perfectly, allowing you to grab each and every lash for the fullest effect. 

Clean & Replace Pads 

It’s important to clean and replace the small pads inside your eyelash curlers on a regular basis. Otherwise, the tool itself can get dirty and accumulate all sorts of bacteria and grime, making it less effective over time. For the pads, try and replace these monthly, or whenever you notice damage. As for cleaning, try to do this once a week with soapy water and a cotton pad – always make sure your curler is totally dry before using it to prevent any slipping. 

Reach All Areas

This isn’t a necessity, but some lashes can be harder to reach than others. Rather than squeezing them all in one go, you can also get mini lash curlers for those hard-to-reach areas. MAC’s Half Lash Curler and Morphe’s Mini Lash Curler both reach the inner and outer corners of the eye for a wide-eyed effect – they work well on bottom lashes, too, which are naturally finer and require less pressure. 

Get Crafty With Your Liner

Try applying a little eyeliner onto the clamping part of your lash curlers before use. That way, when you go to curl and clamp down your lashes, it’ll automatically apply some eyeliner to the inner rims at the same time. More fun than an actual technique, it’s an easy and fun way to get more from this cult tool.

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