8 Products Worth Trying From This Iconic Hair Brand

8 Products Worth Trying From This Iconic Hair Brand

Known for its fuss-free approach and high-performance products, Bed Head by TIGI is one of the most iconic haircare brands out there. A favourite of professionals and beauty fans alike, it celebrates its 25th birthday this year. That’s why we decided to revisit eight of its bestsellers – with a bit of help from Philip Downing, Creative & Education Director at TIGI, to find out how to use them…



For Dry Or Damaged Hair…

Head Rush Shine Spray, £15.90

Why It’s An Icon: Unlike other shine sprays, this is never sticky or tacky, it just lends an unbeatable, lightweight sheen and gloss. Use it on your hair while it’s dry – just mist it over from a distance so you don’t deposit too much product in one place. Once you’ve finished, scrunch it in for extra texture. 

Top Tip: “Ideal for boosting shine, those with matte hair will love the results Head Rush yields. It’s brilliant if you’re blonde or have a lighter hair type that doesn’t have the same gloss as brunettes often do. Try using it as a conditioning treatment on both wet and dry hair. A way to get more from it is to apply it to wet hair, then blow dry on cold with your head to the side to bring out the layers in your hair. This will also add lift, giving the appearance of additional volume, as well as beautiful shine.” – Philip

Available here

Some Like It Hot Resistant Serum, £12.65 (was £14.90)

Why It’s An Icon: Heat and humidity resistant, this is ideal if you want to control frizz, while protecting hair colour, too. You only need a very small amount – just a drop will do – over towel-dried hair for smooth, softer results. You can expect a little glossy sheen, too. 

Top Tip: “An amazing all-rounder, ‘Some Like It Hot,’ can be used on any hair type. It has heat and UV protection, plus it works well to fight frizz and flyways. You’ll find it’s a great protective base product that can be layered with other formulas on top. The fact it’s incredibly lightweight is a huge bonus, too – especially since it delivers so much protection. An absolute must for anyone investing in colour and their hair. Massage it into wet/damp hair and let the sunflower seed oil and vitamin E get to work nourishing and providing shine. You can also combine all three to smooth the cuticle of your hair and prevent frizz.” – Philip

Available here

For Fine Hair Or Anyone Looking For Volume…

Oh Bee Hive Dry Shampoo, £12.65 
(was £14.90)

Why It’s An Icon: Great for those with fine, limp hair, this has a super fine powder that boosts volume and quickly soaks up excess oils. The result? A piece-y texture and extra oomph that never feels powdery. It locks in volume for days, too, with a soft scent that helps hair feel cleaner and fresher.

Top Tip: “Designed to give lift and texture, this will provide you with speedy volume and a slightly matte feel. That said, it’s still lightweight, so it won’t weigh your hair down, while its versatility means you can great hold, with extra oomph. So much more than just dry shampoo, it’s also infused with argan oil to give a smooth, luxurious finish to the hair.” – Philip

Available here

Small Talk Thickifer, £14.90

Why It’s An Icon: You’ll love how quickly this adds body and volume to your hair. A little goes a long way, but thanks to the lightweight texture, you can use as much as you want, without ever running the risk of weighing your hair down. It’s great for providing some control, too, as well as shape and definition. Extra points go to the soft blueberry scent. 

Top Tip: “This is lighter than using a mousse, but it has the same purpose and lends the same results. The cream element, however, makes it easier to apply and gives a kick of moisture, where a mousse typically would not.” – Philip

Available here

Queen For A Day Thickening Spray, £15.90

Why It’s An Icon: If you prefer a volumizer that requires zero effort, this one’s for you. A thickening mist, it quickly adds volume, body and lift, without having to work it throughout your hair. The key thing to remember is it’s heat activated, so make sure you apply it to wet hair, then follow up with a blast of air from your hairdryer. 

Top Tip: “Typically, this was created for use on wet hair, with the formula applied from root to tip to get the perfect matte, dry texture and thickness. However, it can be used on dry hair, too. To do this, apply it as normal, then blow-dry it into the hair to get great volume without any need to re-wash. You can also try layering it with ‘Small Talk,’ to help create further volume. Finish with ‘Oh Bee Hive’ to compliment the volume and hold, while minimising excess oils and residue.” – Philip

Available here

Back It Up Texturising Cream, £13.40 
(was £14.90)

Why It’s An Icon: Add moisture, shine and texture with this does-it-all cream. Loved by the pros, it provides heat protection, controls frizz and helps to prolong a curl. Our favourite bit is how soft and moisturised hair feels post-use. Always scrunch it through towel-dried hair, then brush through for all over application. You’ll love the cool-girl texture it lends strands.

Top Tip: “Dubbed the ‘Swiss army knife’ of products, ‘Back It Up’ is great for all hair types. It gives amazing, second day texture on smooth hair, or helps to boost curls and their shape between rinses. A great all-rounder.” – Philip

Available here

For Curly Or Textured Hair…

Curls Rock Amplifier, £14.90

Why It’s An Icon: Key ingredients, kelp, algae and cucumber water help to moisturise and nourish dry, parched hair, while simultaneously boosting your natural texture. For best results, apply it to dry ends, or use it on areas that need it most for taming unruly curls. 

Top Tip: “A must-try for those wanting to embrace their natural hair, this allows strands to have a bit more personality and bounce. It completely saturates and conditions your curls, while giving them longevity and less frizz. Use it to smooth your hair, but also reshape for extra volume and fullness.” – Philip

Available here

Wanna Glow Jelly Oil, £12.65 (was £14.90)

Why It’s An Icon: Formulated with hydrating glycerin, ‘Wanna Glow Jelly Oil,’ is a must-try for those with dry, parched hair. Not only does this moisturise, it boosts shine and detangles at speed, giving good slip and reducing friction as you style. The Brazil nut oils are great for adding hydration, too. Apply it to small sections of damp hair in a downward motion. This will help to smooth your cuticles, then blow dry to activate the product properly. Keep your usage small, too – you only need a little to get the most out of this. 

Top Tip: “This is a perfect base product for hair that works well mixed with other styling products, too. Layer it up with ‘Curls Rock Amplifier’ to give beautifully conditioned hair, and smoother-looking curls.” – Philip

Available here

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