9 Worthwhile Make-Up Tutorials On YouTube

The internet is awash with beauty tutorials, but finding ones that created refined, grown-up looks, can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. From polished daytime make-up to new techniques worth mastering, these nine YouTube channels serve up the best takeaways.

1. Allana Davison 

With a seriously slick aesthetic, Canadian vlogger Allana is well-loved for the wearable make-up looks she creates on her channel. Whether it’s glowing skin, glossy lids or creating a ‘no make-up, make-up look’, her end results always seem attainable and she’s incredibly easy to follow. She’s also honest, which is one of the reasons so many people go back for more. Happy to go bare-faced, post self-deprecating shots and tell relatable anecdotes, you’ll soon see why she’s a firm favourite of ours.

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2. Monika Blunder

Celebrity make-up artist Monika has worked with the likes of Jessica Alba, Amanda Seyfried and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Her YouTube channel shows how to recreate her A-list looks, as well as teaching you more basic techniques. Lessons might cover graphic liner, wearable glitter for all ages or the easiest way to wear nude make-up. She’s also brilliant at showcasing new products and how you can get the most from them in a fun, friendly way that’s never patronising or daunting. One for all ages.

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3. Peony Lim

Peony’s tutorials on cover-up and how to master foundation are akin to a session of Facetune – she really knows how to create a flawless base. You can also expect videos on full-coverage contouring and highlighting, coral-glow make-up and bridal beauty tutorials. No matter what look she’s creating, Peony’s videos have one thing in common: perfect skin

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4.Sharon Farrell

Whether she’s guiding you through treatments for adult acne or sharing the best make-up looks for work, Sharon always keeps it real and authentic. Little wonder she has more than 200,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. Her videos are littered with takeaway tips and products you’ll want to start using straightaway. Sharon is also very informative when it comes to make-up, the industry and its artistry. You’ll be hooked.

5. Lisa Eldridge

Make-up master Lisa Eldridge knows exactly what women want and this makes her YouTube channel highly addictive. As well as basic, everyday looks, there are videos to bust you out of your beauty rut and tempt you into trying something a little different –mastering a pink lip, perhaps, or sporting a green, smokey eye. A must for beauty junkies. 

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6. Violette FR

Violette is a French beauty icon and one of today’s most in-demand make-up artists. Redefining what ‘everyday’ make-up looks like, her YouTube channel is full of fun, enviable looks that you’ll want to try and recreate yourself. She’s also super cool and plays with colour in ways we’d never think of ourselves. Prepare to become obsessed.

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7. Sam & Nic Chapman

Ever since the Chapman sisters started their red-carpet make-up channel on YouTube in 2008, they’ve dedicated time to answering questions from the comments section of each video. Their extensive videos dissect an array of looks and techniques – from Sophia Loren tutorials to rosy Kate Middleton blush – so there’s something for everyone to play with. Both their Instagrams share IGTV clips, as well as general inspiration and product porn.  

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8. Karima McKimmie 

Like watching and listening to a friend, Karima has lots of energy and goes into real detail on the products she’s using. When she’s not running you through her empties and replacements, she’s giving you tutorials on the latest products to hit shelves, while describing what she does and doesn’t like about them. Some of the looks are quite bold, so she’s generally one for a younger audience, but don’t be put off entirely. She balances those tutorials with softer looks and more general roundups of concealers and her favourite skincare finds.

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9. Caroline Barnes

Caroline has been in the industry for years, regularly painting the faces of A-listers like Olivia Coleman and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Her #SPEEDBEAUTY videos have become successful because they’re like having a professional make-up artist on speed dial. They show you everything from need-to-know tutorials (think smokey eyes, red lips and blusher) to interviews with experts, as well as in-depth, honest product reviews. Caroline also has a knack for making you feel at ease – no beauty question is too obvious or too small here.

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