6 Vaginal Health Brands Worth Knowing About

6 Vaginal Health Brands Worth Knowing About

Once a taboo subject, vaginal health brands have come a long way, offering advanced formulas and innovations, and often housed in slick, attractive packaging. Here, we’ve picked out the best of the bunch, from intimate cleansers to period products that are kinder to you and the environment…



The Concept: Founded by The DeoDoc sisters (Dr. Hedieh Asadi and Hasti Asadi), this brand is medically-backed and tested by experienced doctors and gynaecologists to ensure you get the safest results. From intimate washes to calming oils and wipes, the range is extremely gentle, while all the formulations are pH-balanced and hypoallergenic so you can be sure this sensitive area is happy and healthy. The oil is especially good for minimising redness and irritation post-shave. Plus, the aesthetically-pleasing packaging is seriously covetable.

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The Best-Sellers: Both the Daily Intimate Wash and Deowipes earn consistent five-star reviews, not only for their efficacy, but also their gentle formulas that deliver cleanliness without any harsh side effects – both are also free from parabens and fragrance.

Daily Intimate Wash, £19.50
Daily Intimate Wash, £19.50


2. FUR

The Concept: Designed specifically to eradicate ingrown hairs in the pubic area, FUR’s approach to skin and intimate wellbeing is natural and effective. Using only the cleanest, non-toxic ingredients, the oil soothes redness and post-shaving irritation, while anti-microbial tea tree oil speeds up the skin’s healing process. You’ll also find grape seed oil, vitamins E and D help to gently unclog pores for healthier skin. A must-have for anyone that suffers with wax or shave bumps. 

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The Best-Sellers: The range is still relatively small, with Fur Oil the main best-seller. Dermatologist and gynaecologist approved, it keeps skin calm and less inflamed between waxing and laser sessions – it’s also best-loved for the lightweight formula that doesn’t feel sticky or heavy.

Fur Oil, £46
Fur Oil, £46



The Concept: Lady Suite was born after founder, Therese Clark, suffered from a thyroid condition that left her feeling dry from head-to-toe, but also below the belt. In a bid to help others soothe and nourish both the vulva and the skin around it, she launched her own range. Both the Cleanser and Botanical Oil work together to rehydrate and clean, with a blend of probiotics, botanical extracts and rose quartz. Great for a daily refresh, or for days where the skin feels delicate after waxing or shaving. 

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The Best-Sellers: The Lady Suite Botanical Oil is a firm favourite among fans for its ability to “improve skin texture” and keep the area feeling “fresh, clean and silky soft.” The packaging feels very modern, too.

Botanical Oil, £40
Botanical Oil, £40



The Concept: Founded by Avonda Nelson Urben, the idea behind The Perfect V was simple: To create a luxe range of products that feel pampering to the delicate ‘V’ – aka, your bikini area. All the products in the range are pH-balanced, and dermatologist and gynaecologist-tested to care for delicate skin, without any irritation. From the brand’s beauty mist to their gentle wash and cream, each product melts in and moisturises, while alleviating the ‘sting’ post-epilation or wax. 

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The Best-Sellers: The Very V Intensive Beauty Cream is the best-seller, and for good reason. Loaded with salicylic acid and niacinamide, it gently exfoliates while preventing ingrown hairs and restoring damaged skin. In short, it does a bit of everything, all while feeling indulgent and nourishing.

Very V Intensive Beauty Cream, £43
Very V Intensive Beauty Cream, £43



The Concept: Housed in pop-art style packaging, WooWoo is an all-natural range that focuses on ‘care down there’ and putting the female sexuality taboo to bed. Made up of pre, during and post-play products, there is everything from hair removal cream to soothing balms and lube on offer. Everything is cruelty and paraben-free, while the cleansing wipes are completely biodegradable and flushable, too. Aloe vera runs through the entire range as well, ensuring optimum softness and hydration for red, irritated patches. 

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The Best-Sellers: Both the Intimate Hair Removal Cream and Soothing Balm are the brands top best-sellers. The former is designed to work while you’re in the shower, to give you pain-free hair removal in minutes. The idea is you apply the cream onto dry skin, wait for three minutes, then use a cloth to gently wash it off in the shower. As for the latter, the balm works as both a preventative and curative barrier to prevent everything from chafing to soreness and red bumps.

Soothing Balm, £6.75
Soothing Balm, £6.75



The Concept: Ethical and sustainable, &SISTERS is a feminine care brand that looks after both your body and the planet. Created to be pH neutral and free from synthetics, fibres and other nasties (including fragrance), each of the brand’s period products are made with certified organic cotton, and use only biodegradable materials. While the sanitary pads can feel a little thin, they’re surprisingly protective, while the variation of tampons cater to all needs. What’s more, 10% of all profits go towards the &SISTERS Foundation, which supports women’s health, education and economic empowerment. 

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The Best-Sellers: Unsurprisingly, the mixed Eco Applicator Tampons are the best-sellers in the range, and at £5.25 for 30, we can see why. Responding to the shocking statistic that, for every kilometre of UK beach, there are nine plastic tampon applicators, the brand has ensured their tampons are made from a biodegradable cotton core and cardboard applicator.

*DISCLAIMER: Some research suggests that certain vaginal health products can damage the good bacteria in the vagina. If you suffer from any symptoms, or notice irritation, always consult with your GP or health provider. 

Eco Applicator Tampons, £3.95
Eco Applicator Tampons, £3.95

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