The Destination To Know For Tattoo Removal
The Destination To Know For Tattoo Removal

The Destination To Know For Tattoo Removal

We love the right kind of tattoo, but if you’re the owner of one which no longer feels right, there’s only one name to know. Offering the world’s fastest and safest laser tattoo removal, NAAMA’s skin-safe method is the best-kept secret for those in the know. Here’s why it’s the destination to keep on your radar if you’ve fallen out of love with a tattoo or any semi-permanent make-up…

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Tell Us More…

Did you know 50% of people with a tattoo no longer like the original design and wish they could either tweak it, or have it removed entirely? Tattoo removal has had a bad rap in the last few years – with pain and poor results being the most popular complaints – but NAAMA is changing that. Offering an innovative removal technique which targets inks of all colours, the method guarantees speedy results – think full removal in months, not years – and causes less damage to the skin. NAAMA’s new-gen tech is more advanced than anything else on the market. Developed at Princeton University, it was ten years in the making, and has fast become a go-to for A-listers, Hollywood actors, musicians and models.

How Exactly Does It Work?

Unlike some laser tattoo removals, NAAMA prides itself on using a low energy laser that gradually and gently breaks down the ink pigment. Designed to be done every two to three weeks, it effectively clears tattoos without causing any long-term skin damage. The laser works by breaking down the ink from the tattoo into small fragments. These are then eventually passed through the lymphatic system and consequently removed by your immune system. Better still NAAMA's industry-first tech is the only system in the world to use an 800nm wavelength laser which is the best for removing colour ink. 

Are Tattoos The Only Removal NAAMA Offer?

It's not only tattoo removal NAAMA offer. The team has expertise in removing permanent make-up too, thanks to its precise lasers that treat the most intricate work. That includes microblading, eyebrow, lip and blush tattoos. So, whether you're looking to tweak things, or remove it altogether, you can trust you're in the safest, and gentlest hands. 

I’m so grateful to the NAAMA team, the care they take throughout EACH SESSION IS INCREDIBLE. I know that looking after my skin and safety is imperative. I actually look forward to my sessions.
Daisy Lowe

Is It Painful?

Everyone’s pain threshold is different, but NAAMA prides itself on the fact its technology is relatively pain-free. Unlike older technologies that burn, scar or feel painful, the revolutionary LightSense laser system operates at a lower energy that’s effective yet gentle, safer and kinder to the skin. Throughout the treatment, you can expect cool air to be applied to the area that's being targeted for a more soothing approach.

Does It Work For Everyone?

Yes – NAAMA creates personalised tattoo laser removal treatment plans based on individual goals, skin tone and tattoo, which then dictates how the team calibrates the laser system to effectively target the treatment area. 

Keen To Get Rid?

SL readers can now book in for a complimentary consultation and patch test in July, usually worth £69 using code JULY22 here


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