The Fragrance Worth Investing In This Summer

The Fragrance Worth Investing In This Summer

For beauty editors and industry insiders around the globe, Lalique’s fragrances are somewhat a collector’s item, and their latest scent, Soleil Lalique, is no exception. This new beachy scent is highly addictive and guaranteed to amass a major following this summer. Here’s everything you need to know…

Firstly, Why Is Lalique So Unique?

With innovative scents and breath-taking bottles, Lalique is a brand that always pushes boundaries and dares to be different – it’s what makes them so unique and covetable as their fragrances always set you apart from the crowd – you’d be hard-pushed to ever find somebody wearing the same one as you. 

Not overly sweet or heady, Soleil Lalique is a holiday staple that’ll take you through a summer’s day in a single spritz.

What Can You Expect From This New Scent?

An addictive, sun-drenched blend of sandalwood, almond, musk and mandarin are combined with warming cardamom and praline for a smell that mimics sun-kissed skin. Not overly sweet or heady, Soleil Lalique is a holiday staple that’ll take you through a summer’s day in a single spritz, and leave you feeling instantly refreshed. 

Who Would Like It? 

Anyone who loves musky, summery scents that are feminine and fresh. Whether you’re on the hunt for a new smell or simply want a lighter fragrance for the warmer months, this new perfume comes highly rated. 

Any Other Key Things To Note? 

A brilliant pioneer, René Lalique was the first to blend glass and gems in his ground-breaking Art Nouveau jewellery. He went on to revolutionise the perfume industry with his exquisite bottle designs. Today, this combination of scent and jewellery continues in this latest fragrance with the bottle being accessorised with a golden jewel chain that can be worn separately as a charm bracelet – though it’s worth noting, this is exclusive to 100ml bottles. You’ll also find the new scent available soon in a travel-friendly 30ml and 50ml for those after a smaller version. 

Keen To Try Soleil Lalique Yourself?

This brand-new fragrance can be found online at Harrods now.

But be quick – this sunshine in a bottle scent will be a popular choice for many. Look for updates and more news around the launch by searching their #IAmTheSunChild on Instagram. 


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