Here’s Why You Should Consider A Non-Surgical Nose Job

Here’s Why You Should Consider A Non-Surgical Nose Job

According to data from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons** the number of cosmetic surgery procedures in the UK has fallen by 8%, largely due to the increasing accessibility of non-surgical treatments. Offering comparable results without the lengthy down time, it’s easy to see why people are favoring these ‘tweakments’ over their invasive counterparts. But are they really all they’re cut out to be, and what are the risks? We spoke to Dr Esho, award winning UK Cosmetic Doctor and founder of The ESHO Clinic, as well as Olivia who recently had a non-surgical nose job.

What is a non-surgical nose job?

 Using non-invasive fillers, this procedure alters the shape of the nose without the need for drastic surgery ‘Traditionally you would need to undergo surgery to either chisel away or reconstruct the bone, now we can use careful injections of dermal filler at specific points on the nasal bridge,’  explains Esho: ‘It is a brilliant alternative for those not quite ready to make the full jump to cosmetic surgery and can be used to smooth out any uneven bumps, reshape the tip and make it straighter.’

What are non-invasive fillers?

‘The most common type of facial filler are dermal fillers, or hyaluronic acid,’ says Esho. This is a substance naturally occurring in the body  which can hold 1000x its weight in water. Injected into the skin, they can be used to build up areas of the face and plump the skin. 

Could anyone have this done?

Before booking yourself in for the treatment, you need to be realistic about what you can achieve. ‘Every nose is different, and it might not be possible to get the patients desired look,’ says Esho. ‘We would need to assess each individual patient by an initial consultation where we will discuss what is possible.’

How many consultations are involved? 

Rather than going through a series of consultations, you only need to have one prior to the procedure. 

How much can you expect to pay?

While substantially cheaper than surgery, a non-surgical nose job is still rather costly. ‘Every clinic is different, but generally you’ll be spending about £650,’ says Esho.

Is it done under anesthetic?

"Yes, a topical anesthetic is applied to numb the area."

What can you expect? 

"Once i've applied the anaesthesia, i’ll start by injecting just above the hump to even it out, " Esho explains. "You might feel a stretching sensation as the filler goes into the skin, once the needle is withdrawn the pressure will be released. I'll continue injecting where necessary along the nose until it is completely straight. There may be a tiny amount of blood around the entry point of the needle, but this is wiped away as I go."

How long does it last?

‘You can expect your dermal fillers to last around 18 months plus, but results will vary from person to person."

How should you choose where to go?

Dr Esho advises against undergoing any injectable treatment at a beauty salon or spa. The UK is yet to be regulated in this area, meaning in theory anyone who can get access to fillers can offer the service. He expands: ‘It is a medical procedure and therefore should only be carried out by a registered medical practitioner who has a full understanding of facial anatomy.’

Are there any risks? 

While it is not as invasive as surgery it is still a medical procedure so there are always going to be risks involved. ‘There is always a risk of bleeding, bruising and infection when administering anything through a needle,’ Esho says. ‘You also have to be prepared for an allergic reaction to the filler itself. While complications are very rare, in the worst case one could suffer from tissue necrosis. This is when cells die as a result of damage to a vessel.’

Olivia had a non-surgical nose job a few months ago and describes her experience as ‘life changing’.…

How did you find out about the treatment?

I discovered it on social media; I knew about surgical solutions for some time but didn’t know what could be achieved non-surgically with the nose. Most of the work I became aware of I found on Instagram. 

What made you decide to go ahead with it?

I had been insecure about my profile for a few years and actively considered rhinoplasty on a number of occasions – I even went ahead with consultations, but never had the guts to follow through as my concerns weren’t that major. When I found out about a non-surgical option with no down time, I was extremely interested and after research,  decided to go ahead with the treatment. 

How did you choose your practitioner?

I did a lot of research on Instagram pages as it’s a great platform for practitioners to show examples of their work. Once I had decided on one practitioner, I kept up to date with their work for quite a few months before deciding to book in. Their work was so impressive that I was really set on going to them. 

How was the procedure?

My practitioner follows a 3-point basis focusing on the balance between the tip, bridge and starting point of the nose and works by injecting along these points. After a consultation to discuss my expectations, concerns and to go over the results, the treatment itself took about 10-15 mins. It was very quick and relatively painless.

How did it look and feel immediately afterwards?

There was no bleeding or pain after, the tip was a little sensitive and you must be careful not to knock the nose for some time after the treatment. I didn’t have any bruising,  just some minor swelling and a little redness which settled down after the first 24 hours. By the end of the first day it had settled back into its perfect new shape.

Are you happy with the results?

Yes, they were much better than I could have expected, there is always a concern when injecting fillers into the nose that it will look bigger but this wasn’t the case at all for me. It looks completely natural and is exactly the shape I wanted - I would tell anyone who might be considering a nose job to look into this.
*2017 BAAPS Annual Audit

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