The Non-Surgical Eye Treatment That Really Works

The Non-Surgical Eye Treatment That Really Works

If you’re looking to shift fluid and boost collagen around the eye area, this ground-breaking new device could be your solution. Promising firmer-looking skin and a reduction in dark circles, EyeTite is non-invasive, making it just as effective, but less painful, than similar treatments on the market. Keen to find out more? Here’s how to use it, as well as the full benefits on offer…


The Technology Is A Cut Above

Using EMS/CLIP technology and bio electric currents, this simple, yet effective device stimulates the muscles with a vacuum-style massage. It works by pulsing the area (it feels like a mini workout), draining fluid, promoting elastin and boosting collagen levels, too. The best bit? There’s no pain – only a slight quivering sensation that actually feels quite satisfying. You only need to use it for 15 minutes to see results, working from the inner corners of the eye outwards, back towards the ear. You can even run it over the eyebrow area, too, applying gentle pressure as you go. 

EyeTite Is Easy To Use

The device is incredibly easy to use, but it needs some slip for best results. Try applying aloe vera or a hyaluronic serum just before you start, wiping a little over your upper and lower lids – or wherever you plan to treat – before moving the tool along the skin. Choose from three intensity options – low, medium and high – although experts recommend you start off slow, building up gradually as the weeks progress. Each time you treat the area, it should take between 10-20 minutes and never any more. And remember, always give the device a good wipe down after you’ve finished to prevent any product build-up.

The Device Earns Five-Star Reviews

Thanks to the instant, gratifying results, EyeTite earns consistently high reviews. You’ll notice a difference in your eye area even after the first go – just be sure to keep it up. Working like exercise for the face, it needs consistent upkeep to maintain results. Try to incorporate it into your regime two to three times a week and stick with it. You can also use it as a quick fix, giving your eye area a speedy, revitalising boost before heading out. 

Not Everyone Should Use It

While EyeTite is generally deemed safe for many, those with certain eye allergies, skin diseases or open wounds should always consult a doctor beforehand. The same goes if you are pregnant. If you suffer with any side effects, it’s important to stop using the device immediately and consult an expert for further advice.  

It’s A Cost-Effective Option

Despite its £195 price tag, the device is actually more cost effective than regular treatments. Yielding the same in-clinic results, at a fraction of the price, the investment feels more than worth it. Plus, it’s yours to use whenever you need it – no waiting for appointments or spaced out treatments. 

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