The SL Guide: Chin & Jawline Filler

The SL Guide: Chin & Jawline Filler

A chiselled jawline is now one of the most requested ‘tweakments’ on the aesthetics market, with 67% of us looking for better facial definition. Here, aesthetic expert, Dr. Richard Sibthorpe, explains how the procedure works and what to know beforehand…

It Uses Botox & Fillers In Combination

Jawline recontouring has soared in population over the last few years. As a procedure, it uses injectables – both fillers and botox – to sculpt and define. The reason the two are used in combination is to achieve significant results, but without creating a harsh or exaggerated appearance at the same time. The two together give your face a more refined appearance, reducing sagginess and improving the appearance of double chins.

The Procedure Boosts Elasticity

As we age, upper and midface volume loss occurs with fat descending into the lower parts of the face, giving way to sagginess and jowls. This is further exacerbated by bone loss, which usually provides support for soft tissues. Everyone will see these effects at some point in their life, which is why chin and jawline reshaping has become so popular. We now have the ability to achieve incredible results in the lower and midface, restoring volume and lift, while enhancing that angular look people are craving. During the treatment, it’s key practitioners achieve facial harmony as well, and not just treat the jaw or chin itself. It’s about understanding balance to make people look like the best version of themselves. 

Pain Is Rare During The Treatment 

You may feel slight discomfort during or after the procedure, but actual pain should be minimal. Topical anaesthesia can be used, but is rarely required. The fillers have anaesthetics in them, which will help to ease any discomfort during the treatment anyway. However, if you have a low pain threshold, take some paracetamol beforehand, this always helps.

It’s Quicker Than You Think 

The whole process takes 20 minutes from start to finish. Many patients come in during their lunch break to get the procedure done. The treatment will start with botox being injected along the jawline and down the neck. Next, Volux is used, a new, thicker hyaluronic acid filler which provides support to overlying soft tissues and along the jawline beneath the skin to provide contour. The chin can be injected to provide anterior projection and provide more support to reduce the jowls. These techniques are not usually painful and you can return to work immediately after, with no recovery time. 

Only A Couple Of Sessions Are Required

The number of treatments and amount of filler needed will vary and depend on your age, degree of skin laxity, volume loss and sagginess. Typically, you can expect to have two to three sessions about four to six weeks apart. Care must be taken not to overfill in one session as this may cause infection and pressure around certain vasculature – safety is key with this treatment, so ensure you’re seeking out someone who’s experienced.

Results Are Immediate

You’ll see results almost straight after your appointment, but these will continue to improve over two to six weeks. This is because the botox starts to work properly, while the filler integrates with your own soft tissues, causing some collagen stimulation as well. Another bonus is that unlike other semi-permanent treatments, the results can last up to two years. However, since we are still ageing and the filler is gradually broken down, it is advised to maintain this with ‘tweaks’ or smaller injections either once or twice a year, depending on your own ageing process – which is often affected by lifestyle, smoking, alcohol and sun damage. 

Other Treatments Can Help Enhance Results

There are numerous, non-invasive ways to contour the jawline, including infra-red therapy or thread lifts. In fact, light therapy can be combined with chin and jaw fillers to yield better results. It’s worth noting that everyone is different, and assessment and suitability is paramount to what treatment works best for you, so always seek out an expert’s advice before you proceed. 

Prices for jawline recontouring start from £270 upwards. For more information and advice, visit

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