The Beauty Advice And Products Team SL Got From Their Mums

The Beauty Advice And Products Team SL Got From Their Mums

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we asked the SL team to share the best beauty advice their mother’s gave them. After all, as the gatekeepers of many tips and tricks, mother’s do (usually) know best.

“My mother never actually sat me down and said you must wear make-up but growing up I was very much aware that she always put her make-up on, did her hair and generally made an effort to always look her best and that’s really stuck with me.”

– Georgie Coleridge Cole, SheerLuxe Founder and Editor

“I'm rarely seen without a signature smokey eye and I've got my mum to thank for that – in fact, she once told me she'd rather leave the house naked than without her make-up on. When I was a teen, she showed me how to do that wonderfully Biba-inspired dark eye and how to cut crease to accentuate the eyes. I've pretty much been doing it ever since. Max Factor's palettes have always been a staple in her make-up bag, along with lashings of Dior Show mascara.”

– Astrid Carter, Managing Editor

“Learning the importance of an electric epilator is something I’ll always attribute to my mum. She refused to buy me a razor for a long time. I stupidly went ahead and got one anyway, which resulted in the regrowth of coarse hair and painful ingrown bumps. So, I went back to her recommendation of epilation and I have used it ever since. It reduces your need to shave if you stay on top of it, it’s good for sensitive skin and is much easier than at home waxing in my opinion. Not sentimental but it genuinely was a life-changing product for me.”

– Mia Luckie, Marketing Manager

“Growing up in a household with three sisters and a mother who religiously 'put her face on' every morning, I learnt a hell of a lot about beauty. But the one piece of advice my mother repeatedly banged on about was to never go to bed with your make-up on. To this day, whether I've had one too many glasses of red or feeling unwell, I will always, always remove my make-up before crawling under the covers.”

– Tamara Corin, SheerLuxe Contributor

 “My mum is a real make-up pro and has always taken great pride in both her skincare and her beauty look. She’s a devotee to Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Light Foundation, which gives perfect coverage and lasts all day – I will always be grateful to her for the tip.”

– Charlotte Collins, Fashion Editor

“I was taught by my mum to never pluck the hairs above my eyebrows so not to ruin the natural shape. Obviously, I did it anyway, but I’ve never regretted something so much as the hairs never properly grew back. She also made sure I was never in the sun. It’s something I use to roll my eyes at but I now wholeheartedly appreciate it.”

– Rebecca Hull, Health & Beauty Editor

“I still remember my mum sitting down to hand me my first moisturiser – it was from The Body Shop, a brand I still love today. She told me about the importance of applying it daily from neck to hairline, her Holy Grail skincare habit. My mum is always complimented on her skin and whilst as a young teenager I probably didn't quite follow her advice to moisturise daily, as an adult it's now a key part of my skincare routine.”
– Hattie Cotmore, Lead Content Coordinator

“In the 90s, my mum bought a pot of these colourful Guerlain pearls for herself and both my grandmas. I was given a pot of my own when I was in my twenties. They smell amazing, last forever, aren’t messy like powders, and – as someone who doesn’t use bronzer – adds a hint of colour.”
– Heather Steele, Lifestyle Editor

“It’s a weird one, but my mum told me that if ever in doubt, whack on some Sudocrem and it will make every skin condition better. It always works!”
– Jessica Roberts, Senior Account Executive

“My mum taught me the importance of a beautiful scent – on her and in the loo. Mum used to go in and spray Chanel No.5 in our downstairs toilet – I am less extravagant and go to Aesop (love the Post-Poo Drops). I always remember knowing if she was off out for the evening by the waft of perfume coming from her room as she got ready.”
– Laura Spence, Head of Operations

“This Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector is always in my mum’s handbag to nab. It’s the perfect natural gloss for everyday wear and it keeps lips really hydrated too.”
– Harriet Smales, Events & VIP Manager

“There’s a couple of key things my mum taught me: always always remove your make-up and make sure you wear an SPF for 52 weeks of the year.”
– Laura Black, Retail Editor

"The first beauty product my mum ever bought me was Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. As my own flesh and blood and therefore the passer-down of dry, tight skin, she knew this would be the perfect cleanser to leave my skin feeling moisturised as if I'd had a facelift against my will. Every year for Christmas she gets me new cotton cloths to add to my collection."
– Pascale Day, Features Writer & Sub Editor

“Mixing sea salt and sand to create a body scrub was introduced to me from a young-ish age and it soon became a firm staple in my routine. You just grab a handful, add water, mix the paste and slather it on in a circular motion – scrub-a-dub-dub, quite literally. I promise you, there is no cleaner feeling!”
– Madeleine Nunwa, Social Media Executive

“My mum introduced me to Superdrug’s Vitamin E Sugar Oil Body Scrub, and I’ve been using it ever since all year round. It leaves your skin so soft and it’s natural and gentle enough that you can use it on your skin frequently.”
– Rianne Jordan, Digital Marketing Assistant

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