Can Microblading Fix Overplucked Eyebrows?

Can Microblading Fix Overplucked Eyebrows?

We've all been guilty of overzealous eyebrow plucking in our teenage years - and there are pictures to prove it. But after all the overplucking, could microblading be the thing to help us get our brows back on track? Former serial overplucker and SL contributor Tristen Lee finds out...

If you look at early pictures of me, I was born with eyebrows that took up most of my face. However, in the early noughties, it was on trend to pluck them into obscurity and be left with two small lines of hair on either side of your face - with no business but being that far apart. 

Inspired by nineties Gwen Stefani and much to my mother’s horror I assaulted my unsuspecting brows with a pair of tweezers. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, and they never grew back. 

My lack of brows changed the shape of my face entirely and really affected my confidence. I tried every product on the market, from pencils and pomades to brow cushions and gels (even cosmetic tattooing but let’s not even go here); I spent a small fortune.

And then I discovered celebrity microblading artist, Nez Hasan and the more I scrolled through the transformation pictures on Nez’s Instagram page, the more I wanted to try this relatively new semi-permanent technique that looks like real hairs. 

Whilst tattooing involves the use of a ‘gun’ with multiple needles that penetrate the second layer of skin, microblading is done with pigment on one thin blade. The blade has 12-15 small, long points which enable an artist to scratch thin, hair-like strokes into the first layer on skin - the strokes don’t go as deep into the skin as a tattoo and the lifespan is shorter, but it can last up to two years. 


I had seen examples of microblading that weren’t so great, but Nez’s work looked realistic and with industry fans such as Tanya Burr and Nicola Chapman (PixiWoo), I knew I was in good hands. 
So, I completed a patch test and went to see Nez in her studio in Southgate. The procedure isn’t a treat (I didn’t love the sound of my skin being scratches) but thanks to a punchy numbing cream, isn’t too painful either.
Boy was it worth it. Hello brows, hello whole new face shape. (Note they look darker to begin with with due to scabbing, but the colour soon fades, and Nez was on hand when I needed a bit of shading to top-up the left brow.)
Three months later and my eyebrows are still garnering compliments. I’ve added it up and not having to draw them on every morning has saved me around 56 hours – that’s 56 extra hours in bed over the past three months.
To book in with Nez Hasan, please visit: Prices start from £500, with results lasting up to two years

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