The Easy Way To Add Definition & Glow This Summer

The Easy Way To Add Definition & Glow This Summer

These days, there are multiple ways to cheat your way to healthier and glowing complexion – bronzer will add warmth, contouring can sculpt your face and a highlighter will impart some subtle glow. Each plays an important role in delivering radiant and glowing skin; if you’re a bit unsure about where to start or which products to use, here SL contributor and Beauty Insider Adeola Gboyega explains how to achieve the ultimate summer glow…

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Create the perfect canvas

A beautiful complexion always starts with the right base. It allows for a seamless application of bronzer, contour and highlighter and, in the warmer weather, it’s a good idea to opt for products that are lightweight with creamier in consistency. It means you can layer other products on top without causing too much added texture. If your base is too matte or dry, then you’ll find it harder to create a flawless blend. Depending on your skin type or individual skin concerns, there are also plenty of formulas to choose from – all of which are designed with luminosity in mind, with various levels of coverage.

Bronze away

If you’re trying to fake that tanned, summer glow (especially with beach holidays abroad looking more and more unlikely), then a good bronzer is a must. All skin tones can benefit from extra warmth in their complexion – it takes away any dullness or greyness caused by a lack of sun.

The key is to emulate exactly the same shade as how you would naturally tan, to avoid looking too orange. With that in mind, choose a bronzer that’s one to two shades deeper than your natural skin tone (that way it won’t look too overdone when you gradually build up the application). Then, when it comes to applying your bronzer, lightly sweep it over your temples, cheekbones, and jawline. Don’t forget your neck and ears, too, to ensure a seamless finish.

Define and contour

Contouring is a great way to enhance and sculpt your face. Where a bronzer is all about adding warmth to your complexion, a contouring product will create an illusion of shadows using cooler undertone such as a taupe or a greyish brown colour. 

A great tip is to use the natural contours of your face to help guide you on where to apply it. Start by sucking in your cheeks to see exactly where to apply your contour under your cheekbones. If you feel your jawline is not as defined as you want it to be, then apply the contour along the jawline and on either side of your nose, if you want to achieve a slimmer look. Just remember not to go overboard and remember it’s not about changing your face entirely, just making some subtle enhancements.

Highlight your best features 

A good highlighter has the ability to showcase your features in the best light. The trick is to find the right formula for you, as highlighters come in many forms: such a liquid, cream or powder. Once you have the right formula for you, then apply it sparingly onto targeted areas, such as the tops of the cheekbones, brow bone and cupids bow. It’s a fantastic way to the illuminate your complexion and nail that healthy look.

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