A Guide To Dry Brushing Your Face
A Guide To Dry Brushing Your Face

A Guide To Dry Brushing Your Face

You might have heard of dry brushing in the context of your body, but did you know it can work wonders for your face, too? From boosting radiance to refining skin texture, the benefits are endless. For technique tips and product recommendations, we asked two experts to explain all.

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Use A More Delicate Tool

“Remember, the skin on your body is thicker, it’s protected by clothes and usually benefits from a good skin brushing. Our faces, however, are much more delicate. You’re probably quite gentle when you cleanse it and apply serums and moisturisers, so any brushing should be done so similarly. If you want to incorporate a dry brush into your routine, it needs to be designed specifically for the face so the bristles offer just the right amount of stimulation and never scratch the skin. Those with sensitive or rosacea-prone skin should avoid facial brushing altogether as it can be quite abrasive and exacerbate these issues.” – Abigail James, A-list facialist

Start Brushing In The Right Area

“Begin by brushing across your décolletage, then out towards the shoulders, before focusing on the neck and brushing upwards over your ears. Gradually take the brush around your lips, then around the eyes, before finishing off at the nose, moving outwards towards your cheeks. Always brush out towards the ears, then up to your forehead. Rinse your face with ice cold water afterwards for a bit of extra stimulation.” – Tracey Woodward of Modern Botany

Always brush out towards the ears, then up to your forehead to stimulate blood flow and boost tone, as well as elasticity.

Be Very Careful

“Facial brushing needs to be done with care. Buy a brush with shorter bristles as these will still stimulate lymphatic flow, but without much irritation. Brushes with rounded heads are also better for creating a circular, skin-flicking action to whisk away dead cells as you move it across your skin.  As long as you’re using the right technique and tool, you can dry brush daily, morning or at night, but only with a very light-handed approach.” – Abigail

Use Your Brush With Some Oil

“To keep irritation at bay and to give your facial brush some extra slip, try using it with an oil or cleanser. It’ll allow the brush to glide more seamlessly. Even if you can’t afford a proper dry brush, a soft toothbrush will work – even just that slight stimulation is better than nothing at all. Don’t be alarmed if you get some flushing in the skin. It’s just proof your blood is rising to the surface for a fresher glow – though, of course, if it begins to sting or hurt, stop immediately.” – Tracey

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