10 Hair Tips For Colouring Hair

10 Hair Tips For Colouring Hair

Over the last three decades, Jo Hansford has coloured and preened the hair of some of the world’s biggest names (think Elizabeth Hurley and the Duchess of Cornwall), earning celebrity status in her own right. Awarded with an MBE in 2010 for her service to the hairdressing industry, it’s clear she knows a thing or two about the world of colour. We sat down with the guru to find out her golden rules – from the dos and don’ts of shampooing to product hacks for brighter, longer-lasting highlights, consider this your colour cheat sheet...

1. Think Twice About A Big Change

It may sound obvious, but don’t take a big colour change lightly. Always have a consultation with your hairdresser and consider trying on a wig first – this will give you a really good idea of how the colour will sit on your skin tone. A big change shouldn’t be done on a whim or overnight. It’s far harder to reverse a colour change you don’t like and is much better to go lighter or darker in stages.

2. Go Sulphate-Free

If you’re investing in your hair colour and spending a lot of money on it, aftercare is a priority and the shampoo and conditioner you use is crucial to maintaining the quality of your colour and your hair. Always use a shampoo that’s sulphate-free – if you have highlights, any shampoo you use with sulphates will strip the colour. All our shampoos are sulphate-free and we use a clever no-fade complex to guarantee a long-lasting colour.

3. Double Up

If you have particularly dry hair or have been away over the summer, consider using a mask in place of your conditioner. It’s a big myth using a mask on a regular basis will leave your hair limp and lifeless – on the contrary, it can really help to restore shine and softness.

4. Embrace A Purple Shampoo

If you have blonde or silver hair, you can’t go wrong with a purple shampoo. They may look faddy but they really do the trick when it comes to reducing yellow and brassy tones. Remember lighter coloured hair is prone to discolouration, caused by heat styling, product build-up, swimming and pollution. Use a couple of times a week or mix with your regular shampoo for brighter, fresher colour.

5. Cover Roots

Looking for a simple way to cover your roots between salon appointments? In my opinion, crayon formulas such as Josh Wood’s Root Marker are the best way to cover roots. If you’re blonde, however, stick with dry shampoo – the white powder worked into your roots will disguise any darkness in a flash.

6. Take Care In The Sun

The beauty shelves are full of products that promise to protect your colour and scalp in the sun, but there really is no one single product that will protect your colour adequately from the sun. Covering up is the only solution, so try applying your favourite hair mask liberally to your hair before covering with a hat. Your hair will thank you come sundown.

7. Your Hair Ages Too

Remember that as you age, it’s not just your hair that can go grey and change texture – your skin pigment changes too, so consider going lighter as you get older. If in doubt, book in for a consultation with a stylist – these are often free appointments and you don’t necessarily have to book in afterwards.

8. Stay Natural

Try not to colour your hair immediately before a summer holiday as the sun can fade your colour. On average, your roots will need tinting every six weeks so I always recommend coming in two to three weeks before your holiday and then your roots will be ready for a touch-up on your return.

9. Oil Up

Oils are a great product for summer when your hair (especially coloured hair) is at a higher risk of getting frazzled and tangled on the beach. Jo Hansford Illuminoil is a great place to start – it’s ideal for tackling frizz as well as soothing the scalp when you’ve been exposed to too much sun.

10. Be Realistic

Hair colour can be tricky to describe as clients and colourists have different versions of depth, tones and shades. If you’re considering a change and have an idea in your head, it’s always worth taking a picture so both you and your colourist are on the same page. At the Jo Hansford salon, we also have real hair wefts in a multitude of colours so clients can see the shade next to their skin tone. It’s also worth discussing your lifestyle with your hairdresser – there’s no use opting for a tint which may need refreshing every three weeks if you can only manage to get to the salon every couple of months. Be honest and realistic.
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