11 Tips From Beyonce's Hair Stylist

11 Tips From Beyonce's Hair Stylist

Equal parts colourist, artist and innovator, expert stylist Rita Hazan is responsible for the luscious locks of the A-list elite – think J. Lo’s golden locks, Mariah Carey’s caramel strands and Madonna’s icy platinum style. We caught up with the beauty authority to find out her golden rules for amazing hair....

1. Get Glossing

So many women could benefit from glossing their hair, especially if you colour your hair and use straighteners often. Using a gloss will prevent hair colour from losing its lustre and will keep strands shiny and vibrant, helping to prevent any brassiness. Try my True Colour Ultimate Shine Gloss, once a week to keep hair look vibrant and healthy.

2. Always Pick A Warm Shade

When in doubt, go with a lighter colour. If you want to look professional, don’t go for anything too harsh – warm shades will make your eyes pop and your skin glow, while darker tones have a tendency to drain colour and can seem drab. It’s always easier to go from light to dark than the other way around.

3. Don’t Follow Trends

Be wary of becoming a slave to trends. Instead, try to incorporate a trend into your look. If leopard print is ‘in’, you wouldn’t wear it head-to-toe. The same goes for hair colour – if a blonder look is in, just add a few highlights to your look that will brighten it up without washing you out.

4. Don’t Get Stuck In A Rut

Just because this colour looked good on you ten years ago doesn’t mean it still does. Skin tone changes, and you must change your hair colour and make-up too.

5. Invest In Your Products

It might sound obvious, but if you’ve gone to the effort of getting your hair coloured, it really pays to look after it. The healthier your hair, the longer your colour will last. Try to use products specifically for coloured hair – they’re often packed with ingredients such as rice proteins, shea butter and oils, which will inject lost hydration back into the hair. At the very least, use a hair mask weekly and never forget to use a heat protector.

6. Slow & Steady

Thinking of going blonde? Take it slow. While many people think they can go from dark brown to platinum blonde in one session, it’s just not feasible. Instead, make multiple appointments and lighten your locks little by little.

7. Think Long-Term

If you only colour your hair two to three times a year, don’t go for a high maintenance hue. Do something that will look good growing out, such as a vegetable dye, which slowly fades out without any tell-tale regrowth. Don’t be tempted by anything too extreme – not only is it a huge risk but it will also permanently damage your hair.

8. Treat Your Scalp Like The Rest Of Your Skin

If you have colour-treated hair you can get away with washing it every three to four days , but try not to skip too many days between washing. Scalp care is so crucial to a healthy head of hair – it’s essentially an extension of your skin, so should be treated with care. Be wary of dry shampoo, which can clog pores, and try to use a scalp cleanser once a week.

9. Be Wary Of Ingredients

For coloured hair, steer clear of sodium chloride, sulfates and parabens. Fine-haired ladies should stay away from products containing silicones as they will weigh the hair down, as well as heavy conditioning treatments, which are better suited to thicker hair.

10. Don’t DIY

As tempting as it can be to save the pennies and colour your hair at home, for a professional, glossy, long-lasting finish it’s worth doing it properly in a salon. If you’re going lighter or looking for a more dramatic change, it’s never a good idea to use ca box colour. The only exception is covering greys or going darker – if that’s your goal, then by all means do it at home. 

11. The Golden Rule For…

Blondes: Start adding warmer tones like honey, toffee and golden blonde at the start of winter; low-lights are a great way to add dimension to the hair whilst keeping it bright. And always, always book in for a toner or gloss when you get your highlights done.
Brunettes: If you’re looking for a richer, deeper brunette, try adding a caramel or auburn to your strands, or darken your hair all-over for a warmer finish – look to chocolate and espresso tones.
Reds: Naturally red hair loses its vibrancy as you age but instead of resorting to colouring, use my Red Shine Gloss to give your colour its life back; once or twice a week will do the trick.

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