12 Expert-Approved Hair Styling Tips

12 Expert-Approved Hair Styling Tips

If, like us, you’re constantly on a good hair day mission, look no further. We sat down with Sophie Ruggiero, System Professional Education Manager and all-round hair guru, for her words of wisdom. From the under-the-radar products that should be in your haircare line-up to the genius hack for instantly volumised strands, keep scrolling to discover the industry-rated styling hacks to know…

1. Consider Your Cut

Whether you’re debating a complete change or just booking in for a trim, always chat with your stylist about your cut. Be honest about the kind of tools and techniques you use at home and they’ll be able to adapt your cut for the best possible results at home. Always ask for product recommendations too – these really can make all the difference when it comes to achieving salon-worthy results every day at home.

2. Tame Holiday Hair

Does your hair turn into a frizzy mess the minute you step off the plane? Look to oils specifically designed to be used in the sun, such as Solar Oil, which offers UVA, UVB and keratin protection. Use regularly throughout the day, just like sun cream, and you’ll find your colour remains fresher for longer and your strands are in a better condition once you get home.

3. Fight Frizz

Did you know a lack of moisture is the number one cause of frizz? If you are prone to fly-away strands and frizzy ends then think about taking the System Professional EnergyCode test, which will determine the right products for your hair. Everyone’s frizz is unique, so determining the best products for your hair is the secret to a better hair day.

A good place to start is Soft Touch, a genius frizz-fighting product that guarantees a lustrous, polished finish every time. Team with your bespoke shampoo and conditioner for boosted results.

4. Invest In Your Brushes

You should always have more than one hairbrush in your arsenal – they aren’t just useful for detangling, but can also condition, shape, style and polish the hair. They can even be used to sculpt and mould curls, smooth and straighten, texture or physically polish the cuticle layer into smoothness. You should always have a wide-toothed comb or Tangle Teezer, which are great for detangling without causing damage, as well as a vent brush (great for creating volume) and a large round brush, which can create movement and smooth frizz.

5. Control Curls

Curly hair is the most envied of all but can be tricky to maintain. My top tip? Condition, nourish and tame. Using care products that will add moisture and control are key and worth the investment – try the Repair range. Another simple tip is to always brush your hair before you wash it to remove loose hairs and comb again once you’ve applied conditioner – this will help to evenly distribute product and guarantee maximum absorption. And it may sound controversial but when it comes to styling curly hair, don’t be afraid to use a hairdryer – if you leave curly hair to dry naturally it can trigger frizz as you have no control over it.

6. Boost Volume

Unfortunately, there’s no overnight miracle when it comes to boosting volume, but there are some instant fixes which can work wonders. As well as using the right products to create body and volume (such as the CC Instant Energy Spray), try blow-drying your hair upside down for five minutes once your hair is 90% dry to instantly boost volume at the root. Even something as simple as learning how to blow-dry your hair properly with a round brush can make all the difference to limp, lifeless hair.

7. Don’t Be Afraid Of Mousse

Despite common misconceptions, hair mousse is a great way to boost volume and create salon-worthy results. Formulas have improved dramatically over the years and, whilst once you would have been right to associate mousses with that crispy, crunchy finish, the latest launches offer weightless hold alongside conditioning properties and frizz-taming formulas. Try working Aerohold through the hair whilst damp to promote a lightweight bounce that lasts all day – it’s just as adept at giving texture to beachy waves or roughing up the roots of poker-straight styles.

8. Never Straighten Your Ends

If you like to straighten your hair but are wary of losing volume, simply avoid straightening from the root; also straighten away from your head rather than pulling down on your hair. Just remember to always, always use a heat protector – failing to do so can lead to unnecessary frizz and breakage.

9. Be Dry Shampoo Savvy

Anyone can use a dry shampoo but so many women are applying it incorrectly. The whole idea of dry shampoo is that it refreshes hair at the root and scalp so there’s no need to spray all over. Simply section and lift the hair, spraying at the roots, scalp and hairline before waiting two minutes and brushing through. Waiting before you brush is crucial to allow the dry shampoo to absorb excess oil and lessen the chances of any visible residue.  

10. Treat Your Hair Like Your Skin

You wouldn’t use the same range of products on your face, so why do the same for your hair? Your hair has unique needs and taking System Professional’s EnergyCode is a fool-proof solution to a personalised haircare routine. However, if there was one product I would advise to all women it would be our dry conditioner – if you’re a fan of dry shampoo, you’ll love its ability to refresh and revive strands without weighing the hair down and add a hit of moisture to dry ends.

11. Embrace Hairspray         

Like mousse, hairspray has had a chequered past, but new and improved formulas mean you can achieve the hold you need with the hair still feeling like hair. Whether you’ve blow-dried or tonged your hair, a fine mist of hairspray can help to fight frizz and give your style some serious longevity. The genius Energy Control Hairspray comes highly recommended – it’s medium-hold with a satin finish, so keeps the hair looking and feeling in great condition.

12. Always Use Oil

It may seem counterintuitive to use an oil on your hair, but a hard-working hair oil is an industry favourite, working to detangle wet strands; seal the cuticle; protect from heat; replace moisture; and generally improve the health of the hair, even if used just once a week. Try Luxe Oil, which is packed with argan, jojoba and almond oils to nourish and enrich the hair, boost shine and eliminate frizz.
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