6 Hair Rules From BAFTA’s Celebrity Stylist Paul

6 Hair Rules From BAFTA’s Celebrity Stylist Paul

He runs a sought-after salon, is the official hair partner of BAFTA, and is the go-to styling guy for A-listers. Little wonder that after 30 years in the industry he’s been dubbed ‘the Godfather of hair.’ We caught up with the master himself to find out his top tricks of the trade
Cleansing Oil Shampoo, £28.35 | Shu Uemura
Cleansing Oil Shampoo, £28.35 | Shu Uemura

1. Take Care Of Your Scalp

People are so hung up on looking for treatments for their hair they forget their poor, sometimes irritated, scalps. Paying close attention to the roots of your hair leads to a faster, healthier process of growth and strength. Look out for emollient shampoos which are life savers – especially if you have dry hair as their prime goal is to nourish and hydrate. I love to use Shu Uemura’s Cleansing Oil Shampoo as it deeply cleanses, removing any build up for a super-soft finish.

2. Give Strands A Boost

There is nothing worse than flat hair. For an extra boost or hit of volume, I recommend keeping a powder texturiser in your handbag. It’s perfect for those on the go and gives roots a gritty, carefree texture while thickening up limp strands. Just try pinching a little into the roots, scrunching throughout the length of your hair to evenly distribute the product.

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3. Don’t Forget UV Rays

Many of us are still unaware that UV rays can really cause damage to our hair and have a huge impact on shine and strength. It’s important to keep strands nourished and protected regardless of the season, yes, even in autumn months. One of my most useful hacks is to apply camellia oil as this helps protect the hair fibre against dryness, frizz and UV damage. Not only will it provide intense nutrition, but it’s great for extra shine.

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4. Make Regular Appointments

People often think the six to eight week trim rule is a complete myth – it’s really not. Regular trims are an absolute must as nothing keeps your hair looking as fresh or healthy. Plus your stylist will also be able to tell you how to adapt your routine for the upcoming months, which is an added bonus!

5. Use Products Tailored To Your Hair

Everyone has their own hair type so it’s important you tailor your products and treatments accordingly. At Paul Edmonds London we provide bespoke treatments to suit your hair type, as do most salons now, to ensure you work with your hair rather than against it. A good stylist can also recommend the right type of products you should be using, since no two hair types are the same so what works for someone with coarse hair won’t work for someone with oily hair. So always, always get yourself a shampoo and conditioner that specifically caters to your hair type. It’s simple, but effective.

6.    Keep Everything In Place

If I only had one product I’d recommend to every woman it would be a finishing spray. It’s vital for day-to-day and for making sure your style actually stays in place. Whether you use it after a blow dry, during a blow dry, or on blow dried hair, it’s the ultimate tool for hair control – just try misting it on in several different layers for the best, weighty effect.

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