7 At-Home Hair Colour Hacks

7 At-Home Hair Colour Hacks

Formulas are better than ever, but there’s still real stigma around DIY hair colour. A recent report showed only 28% of us use home-colouring kits for fear of it going wrong. Well, fear no more – we’re here to help. Four pros have told us how to turn this once frightful act into something easy and enjoyable, with salon-worthy results.

Leave Hair Unwashed 

“There’s no hard and fast evidence that suggests freshly washed or unwashed hair is better before you dye it, but in my experience, unwashed is slightly kinder to the scalp,” says Garnier colour consultant Trevor Halls. “This is because any build-up of natural grease is protecting your scalp from harsh chemicals. Especially for blondes who use bleach.”

Prevent A Bleed 

“Colour bleeding happens when the product expands on the hair,” explains  John Frieda Salons colourist Jasmine Perdisci. “Prevent it by making sure your application method is flawless. Always mix your product correctly and ensure it’s not too runny in consistency. Your sections need to be as precise as possible – this way your application will be applied neatly and can prevent bleeding.”

Conditioning Is Key 

“Never skip the conditioning step that comes with DIY hair colour,” advises Jasmine. “Otherwise, the cuticle will be left open and the colour keeps working. It’s also key to prevent your hair drying out by investing in a good pre and post-treatment for your strands. Olaplex is brilliant and helps to maintain the hair’s moisture, while protecting colour and helping over time to prevent fade.”

Stock Up On Petroleum Jelly 

“Afraid of tinting your forehead? This can happen, so I always advise swiping petroleum jelly or a blob of moisturiser on the hairline,” says Trevor. “This will just make sure your strands are the only part getting a hit of colour.”

Take Your Time & Practice First

“Technique is everything,” says Josh. “The trick is to take your time and really make sure you’ve caught every last area. Stubborn greys tend to appear around your hairline, so it’s worth paying particular attention to this part when you apply colour. More is more, to ensure every section is coated.”

Treat Bleach Differently 

“I recommend using Bleach’s Scalp Saviour on your scalp and hairline before you use bleach,” says Alex. “Not only will it protect your skin, it will help take the sting out of the process. Wash your hair with lukewarm or cold water to help prolong and protect your colour, and use dry shampoo instead of washing hair too regularly – this will also ensure your new shade goes the distance.”

Invest In A Brush 

“Some people have been known to use toothbrushes for even application from roots to ends” explains Trevor. “But I personally recommend buying a proper brush. Look for ones that are very thin as this will allow you to deposit colour evenly and not in clumps, which you’re at risk of with a thicker brush.”

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