7 Tricks To Make Your Highlights Last Twice As Long

7 Tricks To Make Your Highlights Last Twice As Long

From the importance of heat protectors to upping the use of oils, adopt these simple hacks to prolong your colour and reduce hair care costs.

Choose The Right Shampoo

 “Avoid using supermarket shampoos and invest in a salon professional or natural shampoo,” says Hari’s Creative Colourist, Francesca Dixon. “Cheaper shampoos strip the tone and colour of the hair quicker as they are detergent based. Look to sulphate-free formulas as these extend the life of permanent hair colour. Try Rahua for their non-toxic plant-derived ingredients which are completely free of anything harsh or stripping like sulphates (SLS). I also recommend investing in a shower filter, as the build-up of minerals and chlorine found in city water can increase discolouration and strip hair of colour faster.” 

Always Use Heat Protectors

“It sounds simple but it’s essential,” adds Jonathan Soons, Headmasters Creative Ambassador. “This is important at all times but especially after the first week of colouring your hair. Hot tools – like hairdryers, straighteners and curling tongs –speed up the process of fading, whereas a heat protector will add a good barrier, meaning less chance of your colour evaporating. As well, a purple pigment shampoo will stop brassiness in blondes, while shampoo and conditioners with in-built tints will keep both redheads and brunettes colour going.” 

Invest In Oils

“They’re a fantastic way to add shine, vibrancy and instantly lift dull, coloured hair,” says Francesca. “Add a few pumps of oil to the palm of your hands and apply generously throughout the hair to give it that extra shine – you can apply it wet or dry. If you’re not time sensitive, opt for Olaplex (if it’s an option) when you book in for an appointment. This helps to strengthen hair and maintain colour and shine in between your top-ups.”

Try A Glossing Treatment 

“This does require booking back into the salon, but at a fraction of the price of highlights,” explains Jonathan. “It freshens up your hair (especially with the addition of a toner, too) and keeps the colour glowing. It’s great for both brunettes and redheads as it quickly brings back vibrancy.” 

Keep Hair Moisturised 

“It’s really important to keep your hair moisturised and in good condition,” Francesca says. “Do this by sleeping in conditioning masks once or twice a week. You’ll really notice a difference both in colour and overall hair health.” 

Look To UV Protecting Products 

“As well as protecting your hair from heat, you should shield it from UV, too, in order to maintain your colour for longer,” says Jonathan. “My go-to, and the one I recommend to everyone, is Redken’s One United. It has 25 benefits but the addition of UV protection is by far the best. It’s non-sticky as well despite it being a texture styler, leaving hair smooth and nourished.” 

Give Smudging A Go

“Smudging is a technique that certain salons offer. We do it at Hari’s for anyone who wants their highlights or colour to last that bit longer, without showing any roots,” explains Francesca. “We apply L'Oreal Professionnel DIA Richesse to the natural root and lift it 1-2 shades to soften and break up the base. This gives the illusion that your hair is lighter and roots or greys are gone. This ammonia-free formula product is great for smudging as it blends away grey hairs and will last up to 3-4 weeks.” 

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