8 Of The Best Root Touch-Up Products

8 Of The Best Root Touch-Up Products

If you’re desperate to cover your roots, but don’t trust yourself with permanent dye, look to these touch-up buys. From powders to chalks and sprays, there’s now an abundance of options that allow you to conceal, without long-term commitment. Here are seven of the best…

Bumble & Bumble Tinted Hair Powder, £28

The nozzle means this powder is as straightforward as using a dry shampoo. It’s rich in pigment, so is brilliant for concealing grey hairs as well as any re-growth at the roots. Spray it on and, after about five minutes, brush it through – you may feel a little crispiness at first but, once you’ve combed it out, it’ll spread evenly. It’s great for boosting thickness and covering sparse areas too.

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Color Wow Root Cover-Up In Medium Brown, £28.50

You apply this just like you would an eyeshadow, focusing on the roots and building it up with every sweep. You may need to layer it up quite a bit to ensure everything’s concealed, but that’s a small price to pay for the rich effects it gives. What’s more, it’s available in eight shades and doesn’t budge – it’ll stay right there until you wash your hair.

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John Frieda Root Blur Colour Concealer in Honey, £25.99

A dual-shaded palette, this allows you to customise the colour to match your exact shade. The coverage is buildable as well, allowing you to fine-tune your shades and create different tones and highlights. The neat compact it comes in is another bonus; the in-built mirror means you can get up close and apply it on the go – once we’re back to some sort of normal that is. 

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L’Oréal Paris Magic Retouch Sprays, £6.99 (was £8.99)

There’s a reason this is the world’s number-one root concealer. Affordable, easy to use and highly pigmented, it’s ideal for those in need of a quick fix between home colourings. The nozzle allows you to cover a large surface area – not just roots – and washes out immediately with shampoo, so you don’t have to worry about any lingering colour. For best results, make sure your hair is completely dry before you use it, and cover clothes with a towel first – the colour is quite strong, which makes it especially good for those with darker hair or grey regrowth.

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Oribe Airbrush Root Touch-Up Spray, £35

This user-friendly aerosol spray is not only a root concealer, but a great styling aid. Adding extra volume and bulk, you only need to spray a few quick blasts to notice a real difference. It covers roots seamlessly, without any sticky residue – in fact, it leaves strands feeling soft with a little shine. It also has a distinctive Oribe fragrance you’re guaranteed to love.

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Phil Smith Root Touch-Up, £6

When it comes to rave reviews, this one from Phil Smith comes up trumps. With a natural finish, a quick misting applies colour evenly to the roots and lasts all day. Despite its longevity, it’s easy enough to wash out with shampoo, while the formulation itself is transfer resistant and flake-proof. Available in six shades, it covers everyone – from dark brown to light blonde and greys too.

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Charles Worthington Instant Root Concealer Powder, £14.99

The benefit of this full-coverage powder is you don’t get any sticky or greasy feeling post-application. Just a couple of dustings gives impressive coverage that lasts throughout the day – even through humidity and a sweaty exercise session. The instant results are gratifying, as is the ease of use. Plus, as it’s a powder, it doesn’t stain or stick to the scalp, so washing it out is seamless. Available in five shades – from dark brown to light blonde.

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Josh Wood Root Marker Pens, £10

Similar to a lipstick crayon, these marker pens can be scribbled on quickly to keep stray greys and dark roots at bay. They can be used on brows too. If you’re unsure of your shade, an online consultation tool will help you get a perfect match. Easy to build upon and layer, you can’t go wrong with these – and, because the formula is so lightweight, you never have the fear of it staining your skin or hair. 

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