8 Steps To Party-Ready Hair

Want to create full, bouncy waves with ease? There’s one product that can deliver at speed. GHD’s Creative Curve Wand has been designed to boost volume and texture for party-ready hair. Make-up artist and SL beauty contributor Lisa Potter Dixon is here to show it in action and give you her top tips for flawless results…
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Create A Clean Middle Parting

Going straight for the middle and separating hair into two will give a more modern result. Do this before you start tonging. Brush the hair out fully first – this will create a smooth, even surface so you get the best results.

Don’t Fuss Over The Bottom Section

I always start with the underneath of my hair. Remember this part doesn’t matter as much as the top because no one will see it, so don’t overthink the direction you tong it. You want it to be relaxed and cool underneath, but curled just enough to add oomph and volume for the top. As you curl, hold the tong in place for ten seconds or so, and wriggle it just slightly – this technique works to hold the curl really well, as well as adding volume at the root. Once you loosen it from the barrel, you’ll get a natural, soft kink.

Keep Your Focus On The Top

The main focus should be on the top sections of your hair. Take the wand and wrap it around slightly smaller sections of hair so your curl is more defined. Hold the tool downwards and alternate the direction you curl – going over and under for extra depth. By holding the wand downwards, you’re getting a much fuller wave because the shape of the GHD Curve is slimmer at the top and wider at the bottom, meaning more definition at the ends of your strands.

Add Some Shine

I like my hair to look shiny and conditioned, especially after I’ve styled it. I recommend using GHD’s Smooth & Finish Serum. It’s great in dry hair, but avoid using it in the roots to skip greasiness. Instead, pump a small amount into your hands and scrunch it into the ends of your hair for a hint of glossiness.

Wait For Hair To Cool

Once you’ve finished styling your hair, wait for it to cool before you go in with any other product. I’ve picked up this hack from hairstylists over the years and it really works to give longer wear to your style. After it’s cooled, take a bit of GHD’s Final Fix Hairspray and lift the hair, spraying liberally as you go – this will ensure all layers of hair are reached. Never use hairspray on the roots of your hair post-styling as it will add excess weight and cause the style to drop.

Do Turn Your Wand Off – But Don’t Panic If You Forget

My final takeaway tip is: don’t panic if you forget to turn your wand off. One of the biggest beauties of GHD’s tools is they turn off automatically after a set amount of time, so you never have that dreaded moment once you’ve left the house. Another big boon: the voltage doesn’t change with GHD when you travel so, unlike other tools that lose their power, you never have to compromise on power or efficiency when you plug it in abroad. 

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