The Cleansing Cream You Need To Try

If TikTok and Instagram searches are anything to go by, many of us are looking for less abrasive shampoo alternatives. That’s where cleansing creams come in. Acting as double-duty conditioners and cleansers, they get the job done without the usual harsh ingredients – and few can rival Hairstory’s New Wash, which continues to cause a buzz. Here’s why it’s worth a try and how to get 25% off...

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The Hairstory Background

Hairstory’s Co-Founder and Head of Product Development Jackie Bauer suffered from stubborn psoriasis, until she discovered foam-free cleansing. Driven by the belief that commonly used ingredients in shampoo – like sulphates and silicones, but most importantly detergents – can damage the hair and scalp, the brand set out to create a wash that gets the job done without any nasty ingredients. Detergents give conventional shampoo that sudsy foam – but they can also strip the hair of its natural oils, destroying its volume, shine and softness. By contrast, Hairstory’s New Wash improves hair and scalp health, preserves colour and streamlines lengthy routines. Initially, the brand launched with just one formula, but due to its popularity it’s since launched two more to cater to all needs.

Why Insiders Rate It

If there’s one thing insiders agree on, it’s that results can take time – but they’re worth the wait. Hairstory is designed to work for all hair types – fine, coarse, flat, frizzy and everything in between. We’ve tried it ourselves, and noticed a huge difference in terms of shine, softness, manageability – and overall our hair texture felt smoother and more hydrated. Even better, it all but nullifies frizz, so you can air-dry your hair without the need for heat styling.

How To Use & Get The Most From It

The no-suds formula – which feels more like a conditioner – can be applied in the same way as a shampoo. Simply massage it in with your fingers to stimulate blood flow and open up the hair follicles – it’s even available with a silicone brush to aid the process. Seeing as it contains zero stripping ingredients, it’s impossible to use too much – so if you feel you need more, you can apply another layer. Once you’ve finished, diligently rinse it out. There’s no need to follow up with a conditioner – your hair will already feel soft and nourished.

The Options On Offer

Unsure which is best? Hairstory’s interactive quiz will help determine your individual needs.

New Wash: The Original

The original formula works for all hair types and is a safe bet if you’re unsure about where to start. It cleanses, conditions, detangles and helps restore the health of both your hair and scalp. It even preserves coloured hair and defines the shape and bounce of curls.

Shop New Wash Original, £42 here.

New Wash (Deep): Oil Be Gone!

If you’re prone to an oily scalp, make this your first port of call. Formulated with apple cider vinegar and argan oils, it deeply cleans strands without drying them out. We love that the creamy consistency feels so nourishing as you apply it.

Shop New Wash Deep, £42 here.

New Wash (Rich) Extra Conditioning

Those with dry, thirsty hair will benefit the most from this formula, which offers intense moisture, thanks to evening primrose, sunflower seed oils and horsetail extract. Meanwhile, added keratin helps strengthen and boost growth.

Shop New Wash Rich, £42 here.

Where To Shop

Hairstory is a US brand, but thanks to rising popularity, it now distributes globally. Prices start at £44, but you can enjoy savings if you join the brand’s Refill Club. Plus, you really don’t need much – a little goes a very long way, so you’ll find it lasts for months. What’s more, there’s a customer satisfaction guarantee, with a team of hair heroes ready to help you get the best experience possible. Now made in completely recyclable pouches, the eco-conscious benefits are clear in comparison to standard shampoo and conditioner bottles.

Now offering 25% off its starter kits, you can shop the brand with its one-off discount. Just create an account, then use SHEERLUXE25 when you checkout online.


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