Is Grey The New Blonde?

Is Grey The New Blonde?

If you’ve been toying with ditching the dye and embracing your natural grey hair – now is the time. Grey hair is trending right now, with 10,000 people in UK searching for grey hair dye every month, making silvery strands the stylish choice. So, there’s less reason to fear going grey and every reason to celebrate your changing hair colour. We spoke to the experts to discover everything you need to know to going grey gracefully.

The Trend For Grey Is Getting Stronger

Grey hair affects all age groups, whether you’re young, middle-aged or more mature. 2019 has proven women are embracing their natural grey hair or going towards more of a silver colour. Cuts and styles have made it great for women to forget colouring and embrace their natural shade, but there has always been a kind of English taste to work with grey rather than fight it. - Jack Howard at Paul Edmonds.

The Silver Tide Is Turning 

Since the rise of Instagram people have been exposed to more looks and ideas and grey is no longer a negative when it comes to hair colour. But there’s grey and grey - it might be that you need to complement your existing greys with professional colour to keep things looking even - Jack Howard.

Grey Doesn’t Suit Everyone

I have had a few clients recently expressing the view they would like to grow their colour out and embrace their natural locks. However it’s important when changing your hair colour to consider what’s right for you, your personality and skin complexion rather then just following trends. – Trichologist Madeleine Preston.

Hair Can Turn Grey As Early As Thirty

Most people will start to get some grey hairs by the time they’re thirty. By the time they’re in their fifties half of their hair will have turned grey. Some diseases may cause premature greying such as diabetes, pernicious anaemia, or thyroid problems. However going grey is an inherited trait. Apart from genetics, nutritional and hormonal factors can affect hair colour as can stress. – Madeleine Preston.

Grey Hair Is Usually Dry And Fine

Contrary to popular belief grey hair is not necessarily coarser and it may well be finer as most people’s hair gets finer with age. It can also become drier as the oil glands function less effectively as we get older and this may give the impression of being coarser. – Madeleine Preston.

Expert Hair Products Is Recommended

Products I recommend for grey hair are from the Pure Silver Range by Philip Kingsley (shampoo and conditioner) along with their deeply nourishing pre –shampoo conditioning treatment known as Elasticizer. I also recommend their fabulous Swimcap cream, which is highly moisturising and protective against the sun’s rays and chlorinated water. This is important because as grey hair lacks melanin (pigment) it’s absence in the hair shaft could make it more vulnerable to sun damage as well. – Madeleine Preston.

Organic Colouring Will Give Hair A Natural Look

Opting for organic colour gives your hair a more natural look, compared with normal colour that may give you that more artificial look. Secondly, we all want to protect our hair so choosing an organic colour will benefit your hair by keeping it healthy, long lasting and shiny. – Karine Jackson.

The Transitional Stage From Fade To Grey Can Be Tricky

If you’ve already been having a full head of colour and want to go grey, you have the following three options: 

Either strip the colour out, pre-lighten and tone it grey the first time.

Start highlighting and low lighting instead of having all over colour - this is more transitional.

Say to hell with it and just grow it out.

The first option will get you there quickly, the second more gradually and the third is painful and long! – Jack Howard.

A Pre-Colour Consultation Is Always A Good Idea 

All good salons will give you a free (or a refundable fee when you book) consultation where you can really talk about your lifestyle, likes, dream hair and colour history. Your colourist can use props such as colour scarves to get the best colour for you. Don’t treat a consultation as a chore, it’s a chance for you to work with your colourist to tailor and cost up the perfect look for you. – Karine Jackson.

Skin Tone Should Be Considered 

Looking at your skin tone is the absolute key to an anti ageing hair look. Colour placement around the face and the right shade everywhere else is essential. What looked good 10 years ago may not look so good now so don’t just go for the shade you had when you were young. As we age, our skin loses pigment in the same way our hair does, and it also changes with the seasons, so a quick analysis at every colour appointment to make sure the colour is working for you is always worth doing, even just a tiny tweak can make a difference. – Karine Jackson.

Grey Hair Should Always Look Groomed 

I would recommend having manageable hair as this will allow for easier styling for a sophisticated look. Manageable hair means colouring without too much re growth. Enhance with highlights or use a toner as this allows the client to pick a grey they like the most. – Nikita Fisher.

Brows And Makeup Should Follow Suit 

It’s a very good idea to tweak your make up to compliment your new grey hair – for example dying your eyebrows to add definition to your face. I would definitely suggest blending the colour to your hair. However, when dying, try and keep the brow colour as natural as possible. Avoid bright colours on the face and opt for a more neutral palette – simple and subtle. – Nikita Fisher.

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