Hair Botox: What It Is & How It Works
Hair Botox: What It Is & How It Works

Hair Botox: What It Is & How It Works

‘Hair Botox’ is the beauty treatment everyone’s talking about. Using a combination of ingredients like caviar oil, vitamin B5 and collagen complex – and no needles whatsoever – it’s best to think of it like a deep conditioning treatment that repairs damaged, broken strands. Don’t be fooled – the name is only a reflection of the smooth and shiny results. Here, we asked two experts to explain more.

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It’s All About Nourishment 

“Hair Botox is actually a product – a deep conditioner – which puts your hair into a repair process. It’s mostly a cocktail composed of ingredients like protein, peptides, amino acids, vitamins, vitamin B5, hyaluronic acid and collagen.” – Zahra, senior hairstylist at Treatwell

“There are no scary needles. The Hair Botox treatment doesn’t even touch your scalp, and unlike similar treatments on the market, there are no harsh chemicals or fumes created during the process either.” – Martin Palmer, Salon Manager at Nicky Clarke 

Anyone Can Try It

“Typically, certain treatments like this only suit specific hair types, but Hair Botox works for everybody and results are immediate. It works to repair and prevent, so there isn’t anyone who couldn’t benefit from it. It gives hair a new lease of life a– you’ll see significant improvements soon after after having it done.” – Zahra 

“Those struggling to style their own hair will love this treatment, as will those prone to frizz or dullness. It’s also a great option for those worried about lost body and volume, as it instantly lifts and revives limp strands. Plus, it doesn’t use harsh chemicals, so it’s suitable for anyone concerned about sensitivities or irritation.” – Martin 

The Process Is Quick 

“All Hair Botox treatments start with a clarifying shampoo – these are essential to remove dirt from both your hair and scalp. We’ll then apply the Hair Botox, which is like a mask, then cover it with a heating cap. Once the product is partially rinsed out, we will then dry and straighten the hair to make sure the product penetrates the deepest layers of the hair shaft.” – Zahra 

“The treatment is left on up to an hour – although it can be less. Once we’ve rinsed it out, we will then blow dry the hair and straighten it with hot irons for that super sleek finish. You can opt out of the straightening part – if you do, your hair will still be much shinier, more manageable and with a weightier feel that wasn’t there before.” – Mark 

There Are So Many Benefits

“There are so many benefits, but the main ones include repair, better shine, more regrowth, slower hair loss and protection from the effects of humidity. Hair Botox basically provides a veil of protection around your hair follicles that’s hard to achieve with at-home products.” – Zahra 

Any Cons Are Minimal

“The treatment can lighten colour-processed hair slightly, so it’s worth knowing this before you book in. Any change in colour can easily be rectified with a toner post-treatment. Ideally, you should wait about two weeks before colouring your hair again – colouring it any sooner can affect the efficacy of the treatment.” – Mark

“There really aren’t any cons. The only thing to note is that Hair Botox is a professional product, and if it’s used incorrectly it can make your hair fatty and slick. It’s therefore essential you have it done by a competent stylist who knows what they’re doing. It’s why you should be cautious of treatments that have been heavily discounted. It might mean they’re using products of lesser quality, and you won’t get the same results.” – Zahra 

Results Last For Months 

“The treatment lasts for at least three to six months. The more you have it done, the better it lasts, too. There isn’t a set time you need to get it redone either – we say eight to 12 weeks, but as the effects wear off gradually, it’s your call when you get it done again. To maximise results in between appointments, try using a sulphate-free shampoo.” – Martin

The Need-To-Knows

  • Avoid physical exercise immediately after hair Botox – sweat can interfere when it’s just been done.
  • Try not to wash your hair for three days’ post-treatment to let hair settle.
  • Use a sulfate-free shampoo to prevent hair from drying out. 
  • Treatment costs vary, but you can expect to pay anywhere between £100-£300.
  • It’s particularly effective for those wanting to address split ends, thinning hair, a lack of volume and dullness. 


Where To Try It

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Gielly Green London; 

Fe Hair & Beauty; 

Treatwell Salons Nationwide; 

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