The Hair Colours & Techniques To Try In 2022

The Hair Colours & Techniques To Try In 2022

From bright blondes to vivid reds, a new wave of hair trends look set to make their mark in 2022. Here, two experts gave us the lowdown – and shared some of easy ways to update your style for the year ahead.
By Rebecca Hull

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Custom Copper

“Right now, we’re seeing lots of ‘custom copper’ – think beautifully intense oranges and marmalade tones that are rich and deep in pigment. They enhance the eyes beautifully and offer great contrast against paler skin tones.” – Adam Reed, founder of Arkive & Adam Reed Salon 

“It’s a great colour choice for those who already have warmer hair and want to further enhance it – it’ll make their skin tone and cheeks glow. If you have a pinkish, reddish skin tone however, it can make you look more red, so this is something to speak to your stylist about. If you have a pale skin tone with freckles, it’ll really compliment this.” – Francesca Dixon, colour specialist at Hari’s Hair


Poppy Blonde 

“By ‘Poppy Blonde,’ I mean contrasting bright blondes with a deep, dark shadow root drag. It’s ideal for clients who want the best of both i.e. blondes and brunettes. With this technique, you can get more longevity out of the style, and better tone throughout. The darkness of the root makes the blonde really pop – hence the name – while the blonde tones soften everything up. A good example is Rita Ora, but it’s a flexible colour that can be adapted easily.” – Francesca 

 “It’s almost a 70s blonde – think Farrah Fawcett and Goldie Hawn. Pair the colour with layers to show off the tonal shades that run throughout. To get the look, add a deeper tone to the root – the stylist will choose how best to blend the colours – then go for an ashier colour palette for the bulk of the hair.” – Adam 


Expensive Brunette 

“Bold brunette is big for 2022, especially when it comes with an expensive-looking finish. To get the look, we use multiple shades and dimensions to create a rich, glossy colour. It’s a technique that can work for multiple styles, textures or tones, so speak to your hairdresser and share your ideas to ensure you get exactly what you want. The beauty of this trend is it can be mixed with so many tones – think deep, earthy shades through to those that are a bit subtler, like burnt umber.” – Adam


Salt & Pepper Silver

“We’ve seen a huge number of clients embracing their natural grey hair, as well as those wanting to enhancing it. It’s very much a Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada kind of look and it’s becoming more and more popular. It’s a great option for those who want to stop colouring their hair, as it allows you to adopt a more natural approach. To get this look, we’d do a blend of bleach and white/ashy highlights. We can also add some dark lowlights to create that salt and pepper effect. The goal is to add brightness and depth so the grey never looks dull.” – Francesca 


Reverse Balyage

“In terms of colour technique, balyage is still huge for 2022. There are so many different forms of it now, with newer techniques coming to the forefront all the time. That includes high balyage, where we add just a few pieces of colour in the front to frame the face and add a bit of texture. There’s no one it doesn’t work for. You can use it to lighten hair, add different tones and to enhance what you already have. Reverse balayage is set to be big this year, too, and it’s one of my favourite looks. It’s a great technique for people with a lot of colour build-up wanting to add more of their natural colour throughout, as well as definition.” – Francesca


Power Naturals 

“We’re seeing lots of clients wanting to make the most out of their natural colour right now. A great way to do this is with glosses and stains, both of which add dimension and depth to enhance your natural condition. The best bit is it’s a low-maintenance option as the glosses are semi-permanent, so they allow you to switch things up, without any commitment. They also have incredible conditioning properties that lock in long-term nourishment.” – Adam

 “Using a gloss is one of my favourite things to do. I love the one from Redken as it adds so much shine and tone, giving an almost 4D effect to the hair. Glossing is a great way to reflect light and get rid of dullness – plus, they fade out nicely with zero harsh lines as the hair grows out. To help the gloss last longer, use a mask or conditioner, as well as a sulphate-free shampoo. The new Chroma Absolu range from Kerastase is ideal for this.” – Francesca 

Final Takeaway…

“While trends are fun, it’s worth focusing on your own personal goals. Always listen to an expert’s advice and discuss what you want out of your appointment. At my salon, we have a Long Wear Colour Service where we discuss all the needs of your lifestyle before recommending a technique and programme that includes at-home maintenance to help your style last longer. Most salons will offer bespoke guidance, so it’s best to listen before you start any treatment.” – Adam 

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