How To Colour Your Hair At Home Without Wrecking It

How To Colour Your Hair At Home Without Wrecking It

DIY hair colour is rewarding, purse-friendly and convenient. Even so, 40% of us are still scared to use at-home kits, with many citing fear of long-term damage. Cue Clairol, who’s latest Natural Instincts Conditioning Colour is the first of its kind. Vegan and ammonia-free, it nourishes the hair, while turning this once intimidating act into something easy and enjoyable. Here’s why it’s worth having on your radar…

The Formula Is Kind To Hair 

Containing 80% of naturally-derived ingredients, Natural Instincts Conditioning Colour is much gentler than others on the market. A first of its kind, it uses coconut oil and aloe vera to deliver hair colour you can feel good about using. It’s also free from PPD (phenylenediamine – which can lead to allergic reactions) and contains no added parabens, making it their most nourishing colour yet. 

You Can’t Go Wrong 

Formulated with a tiny amount of developer, it’s hard to get your colour wrong. Created to add depth or darker tones, there’s no fear of it turning out too bright or brassy. You can also add or neutralise any unwanted shades, while the lack of ammonia means you’ll never lift your natural hair colour to end up with yellow or orange tinges. If you’re looking to darken lightened hair, try a warmer colour from the range such as 6W or 5WR. 

Colour & Shine Holds For 28 Washes

The non-permanent colour comes out after 28 washes, and gives hair seriously silky shine that lasts. Thanks to the gradual fade, it’s a low-commitment way to try a new colour and experiment with DIY formulas, while allowing you to transition to another colour or return to your natural shade seamlessly. Another bonus? Its non-drip crème texture feels more like a conditioning treatment than a stripping dye, and it only takes 20 minutes to see results. 

It's Suitable For All Hair Types

Some DIY colours are known to cause irritation, but Clairol’s Natural Instincts Conditioning Colour features a ME+ molecule. Put simply, this means there’s a significantly reduced chance of you developing a new allergy*, so even sensitive scalps and skin types can get on board. That being said, a patch test 48 hours before use should never be ignored, it's key to always follow these instructions closely to ensure you're eligible for use. You'll also love the shade-wide range, which covers a variety of hair tones for all to play with – you can even use the product to create a beachy, balayage style. 

It’s Good For The Environment

It’s not just your strands that are benefiting – the game-changing vegan formula is packaged in a PVC-free plastic bottle and a recyclable carton, so it’s kinder to the planet, too.

Here Are Four Tips From Clairol’s UK Ambassador, Michael Douglas:


Always Use Colour On Dirty Hair

Unwashed hair has a protective barrier on the scalp, which means there’s less chance of any irritation. So it's advisable you use the colour before you've washed or shampooed. Thanks to it being a low-irritation formula, you're unlikely to see any redness or reaction, though a patch test 48 hours pre-use is always an essential step to take. 


Always Do A Strand Test 

Before you do anything, test the colour – especially if it’s your first-time going it alone. This means either cutting a small piece of hair to colour; or just colour a little, inconspicuous part in the back where it won’t be visible. This will ensure you like the end result before taking it over your whole head.


Go Easy On Application

I recommend applying the dye to the areas that need it the most, first. Usually, this is along the hair line, down the parting or on grey areas. It’s a great way to test boundaries and try out the colour.


Don’t Skip Conditioning 

The conditioner that comes with the pack is exceptional, and there should be enough for four applications. A lot of people skip this step, but the after effects are second to none and the only way to keep that silky, glossy sheen. Plus, a good conditioner does more than just moisturise – it protects colour and helps prevent a faster fade.

Prices start from £6.99 with 15-natural-looking shades available.

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*DISCLAIMER: Although the risk of developing a new allergy is reduced, there remains a risk of allergic reaction that can be severe. A patch test should always be performed 48 hours before each application. If a colourer has had an adverse reaction to hair colour previously, they must consult a dermatologist before using any hair colour product.

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