Meet The Luxe Haircare Range Experts Swear By
Meet The Luxe Haircare Range Experts Swear By

Meet The Luxe Haircare Range Experts Swear By

Hair Rituel by Sisley is a range you can trust. All the products contain science-backed ingredients that promise long-term results, while the luxurious formulas are designed to deliver effects instantly. Whether you’re after volume, anti-hair loss solutions or shine-boosters, there’s something for every concern. Here’s what you need to know – plus, the two products that stand out and how to try one of them for free.

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The Rituel Background…

Taking the view that your scalp is an extension of the skin on your face, the experts at Sisley wanted to create a haircare range that incorporated the type of ingredients you’d use for your complexion. Sisley has over 40 years of experience in laboratories perfecting skincare formulations, so you can expect the same within the Hair Rituel range, which includes the best, most concentrated ingredients for visible results. 

The line-up now includes products for every hair type and texture, but the end goal of each one is clear: to help enhance the health of your scalp and hair fibre and thus the overall look and feel of your hair.

The Reason It Stands Out…

Having won more than 180 international awards worldwide, it’s safe to say the Hair Rituel range is worth the hype. Thanks to products that strengthen your hair fibres from the inside out, you can expect to see results fast.

The formulas blend natural plant extracts, essential oils, vitamins and minerals, all of which have been carefully chosen for their strengthening and shine-enhancing benefits. Each ingredient works in tandem to nourish and hydrate, boosting resilience from your scalp right down to the tips of your hair. Everything combines to help enhance the elasticity and flexibility of your strands – not to mention improve the manageability of your hair for easy styling.

The textures stand out too: luxurious without feeling heavy, the products won't leave behind any kind of sticky or greasy residue. The shampoos and conditioners are particularly impressive, and neither feel stripping or drying. Extra points go to the soft fragrances used throughout the range that add to the luxe experience. 

Sisley has over 40 years of experience in their owned laboratories, with experts ensuring that everything has a purpose and contains the most CONCENTRATED INGREDIENTS for visible results.

The Hero Products To Try…

The Hair Rituel By Sisley's Revitalising Fortifying Serum is without doubt the hero product of the line. With over 7m views on TikTok, it boosts the overall health of your hair at speed – so it’s easy to see why one is sold every three seconds. Full of minerals – including zinc and copper – and vitamins B5 and E, the formula is proven to prevent breakage and improve the appearance of existing damage. It gives your strands a glossier look, too. Meanwhile, sage extract purifies your scalp, buffing away at unwanted dirt to help promote better hair growth. Regular application also protects the colour of your hair. Apply three drops to your scalp – dry or wet – every other day for a month. Then, use your fingertips to active the serum and work it through the roots and lengths.

The formulas BLEND NATUTAL PLANT EXTRACTS, ESSENTIAL OILS, VITAMINS and MINERALS, all of which have been carefully chosen for their strengthening and shine-enhancing benefits.

Another bestseller to look out for is the brand’s Regenerating Hair Care Mask – which you can also try for free when you order a sample via the link below. Often recommended by celebrity hairstylists, it contains four botanical oils to hydrate and nourish both your scalp and hair. There are also growth-boosting proteins, vitamins and minerals in there, as well as moisturising shea, camellia and hazelnut oils. Versatile, it also stimulates your scalp to support hair strength and growth. With regular monthly use, you’ll find your hair looks shinier and has better body.

Want to try Hair Rituel By Sisley’s Regenerating Hair Care Mask? Order your free sample here.

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