The New Way To Wash Your Hair

The New Way To Wash Your Hair

If you find the idea of using a soap for shampoo strange, you’re not alone. But thanks to their environmental benefits, spill-proof packaging and gentler formulas, it’s easy to see why many are making the switch. The big question is, do they live up to their liquid counterparts? We find out…

First Off, Why Shampoo Bars? 

Designed with the eco-conscious in mind, they last much longer than an average bottle of shampoo (some claim to last 80-100 washes) and the majority contain no plastic packaging. Another benefit is their dinky sizes, which means more units can be fitted into lorries, so your carbon footprint is reduced even further. There’s also a more natural focus when it comes to the ingredient list, you can expect sulphates and parabens to be replaced with ingredients like essential oils and natural glycerine.

What’s The Best Way To Apply Them?

Just as you would when washing your hands. Work up the foam and then apply it directly to your wet hair. Some recommend applying the bar direct and rubbing it into the strands, but we prefer the former technique for ease. The application takes some getting used to, but they lather up surprisingly well, just be sure to thoroughly rinse the formula out as there can be some waxy residue left over.

When Should You Ditch Bottle For Bar?

When you’re looking for a quick clean. These bars cut through daily grime but aren’t the best when contending with greasy build-up. They’re a great travel companion though, as thanks to their solid formulas you won’t have to save space in your liquid allowance. 

Are They Less Expensive Than Bottled Shampoos?

Most come in under £10 which is another bonus, especially as some can also be used on body and hair too, giving you even more bang for your buck. 

Final Question: Are Liquids Soon To Be Replaced?

While we were impressed with their eco credentials and lack of silicones and SLS (sulphates), we don’t think we will be completely foregoing our bottles just yet. They tended to leave our strands feeling lacklustre and oily, but the upside was they did provide our hair with texture and added grit that kept an up-do going for days. The key lies within using a little and frequently to make sure your hair adjusts to the new formula. However, if you’re looking for a planet friendly option that lasts for months on end, they’re certainly worth a shot. Below we reveal our tried and tested favourites for you to trial the trend yourself...

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