The Under-£5 Must-Have For Blondes

Blondes will know all-too-well the struggle of keeping brassy tones at bay and maintaining fresh looking colour between salon visits. And SL's Founder & Editor has tried pretty much every purple shampoo going. So when she got the chance to team with up TRESemmé to roadtest and talk about their new Violet Blonde Shine range – available for under £5 – she jumped at it. Read on to find out more.

Firstly, why does blonde hair tend to go brassy?

As hair and scalp specialist David H Kingsley explains, blonde or white hair, which contains little or no pigment, can sometimes takes on a yellow 'glow' because it picks up pigments from the environment. For example, if you use a yellowish shampoo or conditioner, rather than a clear one, a trace of the colour might be deposited on your hair. Chlorine and other chemical residues in water, sunlight, and even oils from the scalp can also give grey or white hair a yellowish cast.

So how can you combat it?

The simple way to prevent brassy tones between colouring appointments is to use the right kind of  shampoo. Purple shampoo contains pigments that neutralise yellow tones in the hair – as purple is the opposite of yellow on the colour wheel, it essentially cancels those unwanted hues out.

What makes Violet Blonde Shine so good?

There are a lot of purple shampoos on the market. Trouble is, as those who've tried them will know, they can be drying – not ideal for those with bleached or grey hair. Step in, Violet Blonde Shine: the line features both a shampoo and conditioner, both of which are packed with purple pigments and enriched with pearl extract and keratin to intensively nourish, soften and repair hair.
SL's ed is a fan and at under £5 we reckon you'd be mad not to give it a try. See her full Show prep below...

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And if you needed further convincing, then here's a panel session she and two other blondes took part in...

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