What You Should Know About Hair Extensions

What You Should Know About Hair Extensions

If you've previously thought hair extensions aren't for you, it's time to think again. The latest generation are versatile, discreet, flattering – and loved by stylists and celebrities alike. Foxy Locks is a leading brand of professional extensions that deliver natural, shiny and believable volume. PR Manager, Courtney Stroud tells us everything you need to know…

For believable, suits-all hair extensions, Foxy Locks is a go-to brand among industry insiders, and it’s easy to see why. Designed to blend in with your natural strands, they focus on adding density and weight with a high-quality shine.

Thanks to their clip-in nature, they’re also brilliant for women on the go who want quick and easy volume that never compromises on style or sleekness. In fact, the extensions utilise the highest quality hair on the market to ensure you get the smoothest results – unlike synthetic extensions which can often have a ‘plastic’ shine to them.

Keen to find out more? From how you can get the most out of them to finding the perfect match for you, we spoke to the Foxy Locks team for all you need to know…

How Do You Work Out Which Type Will Suit You Best? 

There are plenty of options on offer. Our Elegant range, for example, is aimed at customers who have thinning hair. While it doesn’t give you heaps of unrealistic volume, it adds natural density that looks realistic. Our other options, which include ponytails, volumising and luxurious extensions, instantly add thickness and volume to existing hair.

As for choosing your colour, you can send photos in via the colour-match service on our website. Hair extensions can usually be one shade lighter or darker than your hair, yet still blend in. We offer an easy exchange policy if they don’t match – simply return them with a sample of your own hair (if needed) and we will exchange for the best colour.

What’s The Best Type For Minimising Damage?

We always say clip-in extensions are best. They’re far gentler and don’t restrict the growth of your natural hair. This is because the hair can be removed physically, causing less strain on natural strands. Plus, you can reposition the clips every time they are worn, which is better for general ease. Make sure you remove them before taking a shower or going to bed too.

Clip-in extensions are far gentler as they don't restrict the growth of your natural hair. Plus, they can be removed physically by you at any time.

Should You Always Get Them Fitted Professionally?

The benefit of clip-ins is it’s completely up to you when you wear them, and you can put them in yourself any time. To make sure you’re getting it right each time, it’s worth seeking out a professional to fit them once, so you can replicate thereafter. A professional can also cut them to help suit your style. When fitting them yourself, tease your hair at the roots where you want to place them, spray a little hairspray there and on the clips to help ensure a tight grip, then fasten them down into your hair.

What’s The Difference Between Natural & Synthetic Extensions?

There is a massive difference here. Not only do natural hair extensions look better mixed with your own strands, but you can use heat styling on them as you would daily, which you can’t with synthetic as they can melt. Natural types also go the distance – they’re built to last you at least a year when treated correctly. At Foxy Locks, we use Remy Hair (human hair). ‘Remy’ stands for ‘cuticle correct’, which means only the best, untreated hair is used. 

How Do You Take Care of Extensions?

Use one of our storage cases to keep your extensions neat and tidy. Wash them every two to three weeks (especially if you’re wearing them often) and always use a good-quality shampoo, preferably one that is both sulphate-free and colour-protecting. As for conditioner, look to ones that contain coconut oil as it’ll help nourish the hair and keep it sleek. You should still use a heat protector on the extensions when using a hot tool – treat them just as you would your own hair. Finally, use a hair treatment on them every few weeks. Because the hair isn’t attached to your scalp, it isn’t getting the oils it should be, so needs some extra nourishment from time to time. This will also help keep them shinier for longer.

Can You Dye Your Hair Extensions?

Because they are 100% human hair, yes, you can. However we advise dyeing them darker rather than lighter. Blonde hair has been bleached more, so caution must be taken when carrying out a toning process as bleach is quite damaging. We recommend asking your stylist or hairdresser to dye them for you. Colouring or toning them yourself brings the risk of them not coming out the shade you want.

"The most common mistake is ordering ones that don’t have the right thickness. If you have thick hair, order a higher weight within your length to ensure they blend seamlessly. "

Any Common Mistakes To Avoid?

It all comes down to your individual hair type. The most common mistake is ordering ones that don’t have the right thickness. If you have thick hair, order a higher weight within your length to ensure they blend seamlessly. It’s also worth noting that, as the hair is human, no two sets will ever be the exact same. Some hair reacts differently to heat or dye, so if the hair doesn’t curl as well as your natural type, this doesn’t mean the hair is faulty.

Finally, How Much Will Hair Extensions Set You Back?

Our prices range from £95 to £265. The extensions last from three to 12 months, depending on care and usage.

For a special 20% off all products, visit FoxyLocks.com and use code FOXYSHEERLUXE to claim your discount. Happy shopping!

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