How To Build A Proper Skincare Routine

How To Build A Proper Skincare Routine

It goes without saying that building a proper regime is the key to good skin. But just because you’re following the correct steps doesn’t mean you’re necessarily using the right products. To help, we asked Dr Ifeoma Ejikeme to describe what a good routine looks like at every age, the ingredients worth trying and the products guaranteed to keep your complexion looking its best…



Begin With A Thorough Cleanse & Your Thinnest Formulas...

“It’s important you use a cleanser that matches your individual needs and skin type. If you have dry skin, a gentle cleanser, such as CeraVe’s Hydrating formula will remove sweat and debris overnight, while still leaving skin hydrated. If your skin has oilier tendencies, try using a cleanser that foams up and incorporates ingredients like exfoliating salicylic acid – this can help to balance oils in your skin and rid pores of any build-up. Straight after your cleanse, begin by applying the thinnest formulas in your product line-up. Usually, this is serums, but before anything else, apply an eye cream. I like to think of them as a preventative step to protect this delicate area over time. Carefully place the cream above and below the eye to target both dark circles and puffiness. Eye creams should be there to hydrate the skin, so look for ones with ingredients like ceramides, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants that protect, like niacinamide."

DR IFEOMA RECOMMENDS: CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser + Eye Repair Cream

Follow Up With Nourishing Creams...

“Your next step should be moisturising day cream – preferably one that contains a factor of SPF 25 or above. Everyone should use an SPF throughout the year and daily to protect against UV. The damage from this can, over time, lead to skin cancers, hyperpigmentation, dull skin, fine lines and sun spots, so a cream that factors in protection is essential. The benefit of using your cream as your last step also means you lock all the other ingredients in that came beforehand in your regime.”

DR IFEOMA RECOMMENDS: CeraVe Facial Moisturising Lotion AM + Facial Moisturising Lotion PM

Don’t Forget To Treat Your Body, Too...

“It’s not just your face that requires extra hydration, your body does too, and it’s often neglected in a daily regime. Pick a hard-working cream or lotion that’s suited to your skin type and one that can perform multiple functions. A good cream should act as a hydrator, an antioxidant and harness ingredients that boost the skin barrier, like ceramides. Look out for these in CeraVe’s ceramide-rich range, which was formulated to strengthen and protect the skin's natural barrier. Hands need attention too, as the skin here is so thin, so make sure their covered and hydrated at all times – they are just as exposed to the elements as the rest of your body.” 

DR IFEOMA RECOMMENDS: CeraVe Moisturising Lotion + Moisturising Cream + Reparative Hand Cream


Hit Repeat, But With Stronger Ingredients

“Your evening routine doesn’t need to differ too much to your morning one. The only thing to switch up is incorporating one treatment, or a stronger ingredient into your routine. This will depend on your core skin concerns, but if skin is dry, apply a hyaluronic acid or a ceramide-rich serum. If ageing is your primary issue, look to a retinoid treatment, but this should always be applied at night to avoid daily sun damage, and immediately after cleansing for maximum absorption. If dark marks bother you, look for products with ingredients like brightening arbutin. Finally, if redness is your primary concern, try using a serum or cream with azaelic acid, which is proven to reduce inflammation and sensitivity. Whatever you choose, the order of the steps should remain similar: Cleanse, eye cream, treatment step (for your key concern), then lock everything down with your go-to moisturiser.”

Takeaway Tips For Your Daily Regime:

  • Always apply your products from thinnest to thickest. So, start with serums, followed by moisturiser, then always finish with an SPF in the day. The exception to the rule is your retinol, which goes on the skin first after cleansing, but always in the evening when skin can tolerate it.

  • Do take your SPF right up to the eyes – just leave a 2mm distance from the eyelid as you apply it to prevent it being too heavy or occlusive. You can apply it right near the lash line, however – a step that’s often neglected by many. 

  • When you are building a routine, remember the skin doesn’t need to be scrubbed vigorously. Always go in with a gentle approach and key ingredients that enhance and tackle your individual skin concerns. Look for streamlined products that take the guesswork out, like CeraVe, whose formulas are easy to follow and kind to all skin types.

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