How To Get More From Your Bronzer

How To Get More From Your Bronzer

A good bronzer can help you fake a vacation-like glow all year round. But with so many on the market these days, the trick is to find the right shade for your complexion and ensure you apply it in the right way, with the right tools. Here, two beauty experts explain how to get the most from it, as well as the best formulas to try…

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Use It To Do More Than One Thing

“Bronzer is one of the most transformative items in any make-up bag, and it can do so much more than just bring out some colour,” explains make-up artist, Jessica Kell. “Use it to give yourself a sun kissed glow, sure, but also to add definition and sculpt your face. Just make sure the formula is matte, and preferably only one shade deeper than your natural tone – anything too dark will stand out too much. Start by taking the bronzer just into the hairline above your temple and gently work it down so it hugs the line of your cheekbone, until it touches the apple of your cheeks. This will add warmth while sculpting the hollows of your cheekbones, too. Victoria Beckham Beauty’s Matte Bronzing Brick is great – it has two shades so you can lightly sculpt with one and add depth with the other.” 

Mimic Your Own Natural Tan

“When bronzing up your complexion, the rules are the same for all skin tones,” advises make-up artist, Valeria Ferreira. “You want to mimic the colour your skin turns in the sun, so try to invest in this exact shade. There are now so many available it’s quite easy to find one that suits your skin, but both Charlotte Tilbury and NARS have a huge array of shades that work for everyone.” Jessica adds: “Make sure the colour you choose adds depth – especially if you have darker skin. Anything too pale will come off chalky or orange, so look for deeper bronzers to enhance your natural undertones. Likewise, if you have a lighter skin tone, avoid anything too orange, or any products that are more than one or two shades deeper than your natural complexion.” 

When bronzing up your complexion, the rules are the same for all skin tones. You want to mimic the colour your skin turns in the sun, so try to invest in this exact shade.


Don’t Be Afraid To Mix & Match

“If you want to get a dewy, bronzed glow, try mixing and matching your formulas,” says Valeria. “One of my favourite bronzing products is Chantecaille’s Liquid Bronzer. You can mix it with your primer or moisturiser to instantly give you the kind of effortless and believable tan you can wash off at the end of the day. It’s great in winter, too, when your skin may be looking a little sallow. Just make sure the formulas are compatible with one another and don’t start piling when you mix them together. Test it by mixing them on your arm first.” 

Finally, Take Note Of Common Mistakes

“The most common bronzer mistakes are pretty universal,” finishes Jessica. “Mostly, people use bronzers that are the wrong shade for them and they end up looking too chalky or orange. Natural is always best when it comes to picking a shade. Look for colours that mimic your natural tan, and never go one or two shades deeper than your current skin tone. Another common mistake is piling bronzer on haphazardly all over your face. If you want all over colour, go for a liquid and mix it with a tinted moisturiser as you apply it. Try to be more directional with powders and creams so you sculpt as you go and don’t leave any streaks behind. Finally, avoid too much sparkle and glitter in your bronzers. If these formulas are applied all over, it can look OTT and enhance areas you may not want to. Instead, warm up your skin with a matte, cream bronzer, then tap highlighter on top. Oh, and never forget to run bronzer down your neck – that needs a little attention, too.” 

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