How To Maintain Your Blonde & Boost Its Condition

How To Maintain Your Blonde & Boost Its Condition

Blonde hair can be high maintenance – between hard water, heat styling and UV exposure, the colour can fade quickly, and the texture can turn dry and lacklustre. Thankfully, there are ways you can look after your hair in between salon appointments. Here, Redken professional colourist at Larry King, Harriet Muldoon, advised three SheerLuxe blondes on the products they should be using to keep their hair in tip top condition…


The Strawberry Blonde…

Mia Luckie, Marketing Director

Hair Profile: Mia’s hair is a deep blonde shade with slight strawberry tones running through it. Colouring her hair only occasionally, she likes treatments which enhance the golden tones, add shine and keep dryness at bay.

Expert Maintenance Advice: “To enhance and maintain this kind of colour between appointments, I recommend using nourishing leave-in treatments” advises Harriet. “Glossing treatments at the salon, as well as nourishing leave-in treatments, can give hair like this a healthier tone – just make sure they’re transparent so they don’t cause any unwanted tints. Mia’s colour is more of a lived-in, undone blonde, so these types of treatments are the easiest way to maintain vibrancy. I’d also advise using a shampoo with an anti-fade complex, like Pureology’s Hydrate formula which keeps colour looking luminous. Likewise, a leave-in treatment or night serum will prevent strands from getting damaged – especially as Mia regularly heat-styles her hair.

Mia’s Prescriptive Routine…

The Platinum Blonde…

Rebecca Hull, Beauty Editor

Hair Profile: Rebecca has her hair coloured every four months, occasionally with bleach to maintain a bright appearance. Bleach can make her hair feel quite dry and, as a result, lacklustre. Premature colour fade and root regrowth is also inevitable with regular washing, so she wants to find a blonde-boosting shampoo and conditioner.

Expert Maintenance Advice: “Bright, vibrant blondes require professional care to maintain the shade without comprising on the condition," says haircare expert, Millie Whittle. "Kérastase Blond Absolu Bain Lumiere shampoo & Cicaflash conditioner contains a unique combination of potent Hyaluronic Acid and Edelweiss flower which deeply nourish for silky soft, healthier-looking blonde hair. On top of that, using a haircare mask to nourish & neutralize brassines every week is highly recommended. Kérastase Masque Ultra Violet  neutralises brassiness and unwanted yellow tones while deeply nourishing and restoring sensitised, lightened hair.”


Rebecca’s Prescriptive Routine…

The Baby Blonde Highlights…

Polly Sayer, Junior Fashion Editor

Hair Profile: Polly has highlights every three months to achieve her baby blonde tones. She likes to tong her hair and regularly heat-styles it, so she needs products that maintain softness, as well as the vibrancy of her colour.

Expert Maintenance Advice: "For Polly’s colour, it’s about balancing the benefits of protein and moisture,” finishes Harriet. “Redken Acidic Bonding Range will brighten and simultaneously hydrate hair – as with all blondes, it’s not about how much of any one product you’re using, but finding the right products that focus on your needs. As well as a good shampoo and conditioner, she should also use a mask that’s rich in proteins. This will help strengthen, hydrate and boost moisture levels, which is essential as Polly likes to heat-style. I recommend hair colours like this avoid washing their hair for at least two to three days after having it coloured to let the colour settle and maintain its vibrancy.” 

Polly’s Prescriptive Routine…

Dos & Don’ts For Colour Longevity...


DO A Gentle Cleanse

Protect your blonde hair by opting for a gentle, lightweight formula shampoo. These are better at hydrating hair from root-to-tip, while illuminating blonde tones, too.

DON'T Use Oil On Your Roots 

As mentioned, using a little oil here and there between appointments can boost your tone – again, just use it sparingly and never at the root. Because your scalp produces oil naturally, you don’t need to go too heavy with any extra products. Scrunch a little oil in as and when you want to enhance the colour – focusing on the mid-lengths and ends.

DO Use Intensive Treatments 

Blonde hair is weaker than most due to the dye and the bleach, and while you don’t want to weigh it down, you do want to nourish it and restore lost moisture. Use an intensive treatment once every other week so hair doesn’t become too lank or greasy – and using them sparingly will also maintain your scalp’s pH balance for better shine. It's also advised you use a conditioner that's specifically formulated for lightened hair to keep blonde tones vibrant for longer, as well as in good condition. We recommend Kerastase's cult Cicaflash formula for this.

DO Brush Your Hair Only When It’s Dry

This is one way to prevent unnecessary breakage. Straight – often blonde – hair is more elastic when it’s wet, which is why it splits easily, whereas curly hair has more give, and won’t suffer as much if it’s brushed wet.  


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