Ice Globe Tools: How They Work & Five To Try

Ice Globe Tools: How They Work & Five To Try

Ice globe tools are everywhere right now – designed to be kept in the freezer, they instantly cool your face by prompting the blood vessels in your skin to contract. The result? Smoother, firmer and brighter-looking skin. Here are five of the best, whatever your budget...


Catrice Cooling Facial Globes, €12.95

Best For: An Affordable Option

Why We Love Them: These tools are a bestseller – and for good reason. Small and compact, they can fit into the smaller areas of your face, too. Keep them in the freezer, before rolling them around your skin – wherever you feel it needs it the most. While the results are short-lived, they’re incredibly satisfying, giving the skin a refreshed, radiant and instant glow. You’ll find they take down puffiness too, when time is of the essence. A must-try for anyone looking to reap the benefit without spending too much money. Available At


Healifty Facial Cryo Ice Globes, £32.65

Best For: The Face, Neck & Body Why We Love Them: Designed to be used on the face, body and neck, these larger ice globes are better if you want to cover a wider surface area. Made from stainless steel, they glide across skin, stimulating circulation and bringing fresh blood to the surface for a healthier looking complexion. Try using a body serum or face cream first, then rolling this over the top for best results. They’re great for relieving tension, too, or for easing headaches. Available At


Fraîcheur Ice Globes, £95

Best For: A Bit Of Luxury

Why We Love Them: Considered the ‘OG’ of ice globes, these ones are expensive, but worth it if you’re looking to bring the cryo facial experience into your home. Providing a myriad of skincare benefits, they should be kept in the freezer, then rolled across the skin to boost blood flow and reduce inflammation. Start by using one in the centre of your forehead before gliding the tool out towards your hairline and near the temples. Continue with this motion all over to contour and firm your face. If you want to target the area around your eyes, use the tip of your tool and apply a gentler pressure. You’ll find they’re good for soothing sunburn, puffiness and breakouts too – plus, the calming effect they have on the skin makes them ideal for prepping skin for make-up. Available At


Korika Tools Massage Globes, £29.20

Best For: Reducing Puffiness 

Why We Love Them: These were designed specifically to reduce puffiness. Either leave them in the fridge or freezer, before rolling them gently around your skin. As you do, you’ll feel your skin tighten, but the muscles relax, simultaneously. Run the globes in an upward direction – across your forehead, upwards from your chin and along your jawline, too for the best results. Follow up by with your normal skincare – the beauty of these tools is they prep the skin for maximum absorption of anything that follows, so you can really reap the benefits in full. Available At


Revolution Skincare Cooling Eye Roller Ball, £8

Best For: Smaller Areas, Like Around The Eyes 

Why We Love Them: Catering solely to the eye area, this cooling globe is far smaller, so you can get into all the nooks and crannies with ease. Use it in circular, gentle motions around the eye area to improve the look of under eye bags and refresh dull, lacklustre skin. Plus, it’s one of the more budget-friendly options available. Use it under cheekbones, too, to relieve knotted tension and any unwanted aches or pain. Store in the fridge or the freezer for best results. Available At

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