How To Use Concealer Correctly

How To Use Concealer Correctly

From hiding dark circles to evening out skin tone, concealer is one of the most important products in your make-up bag. But are you getting the most from it? Whether it's alternative application techniques or the textures to look for, make-up artist Cher Webb shares her tips…

Be Strategic With Placement 

“Concealer is designed to cover, brighten and even out skin tone. Most of us can agree it’s our secret beauty weapon and can deliver fast results. The best way to use it is to have a look at your face and decide on the areas you’d like to correct and perfect before applying anything. Be strategic with your application – less is always more and it can always be built up.”  

Know The Key Areas

“The nose and chin are the areas which usually need a bit more coverage. This is because we touch these spots the most with our hands. The BareMinerals Bare Pro 16-Hour Stick Concealer is great for reaching all areas of the face with seamless coverage. It’s especially effective on red or blemished areas, and its staying power is second to none. The calming ingredients also help to take down redness and minimise the appearance of pores.” 

Utilise Your Fingers 

“Fingertips are the ideal tool for blending concealer – especially around the under-eye area. They instantly warm up and melt the product, which helps it adhere onto your skin for a more seamless finish. But you can use brushes, too. Synthetic ones work better to push product into the skin so it stays put for longer. Brushes are especially good if you’re covering a spot – fingers can sometimes lift the product in areas that are raised or uneven.” 

Wear Concealer Neat 

“By this, we mean without any foundation. It provides your complexion with a natural look that’s fresh and healthy. Quite often at fashion week we’ll only use a small amount on the models and spend time working it in on each element of the face for a flawless, but real-skin effect. This technique does take more time, but it’s sometimes preferable to haphazardly applying foundation as a quick-fix, as this can often end up masking your best features.”

Make It Multi-Task

“The under eye sometimes requires a little boost as the skin here is very thin and delicate, so naturally gets quite shadow-y. But there are other areas that require attention, too. Try targeting the inner part of the eye which holds a lot of shadow. Using a small amount can make the world of difference, instantly opening the eye for a fresher and more awake look. Apply a small amount on your eyelids, as well. This not only protects the lids, but evens out skin tone, creating a smooth base for any eyeshadow that follows. Bobbi Brown’s Intensive Skin Serum Corrector is a must-try. It’s silky, lightweight and sits beautifully around the eye without ever cracking or flaking.” 

Look To Certain Textures

“Ideally, you want a concealer that does it all and is compact enough to be carried around with you for touch-ups. Go for a texture that’s light and malleable so you never have to blend too hard. Look for ones that claim to have an ‘all-in-one’ formula as these are far less likely to crease. They're designed to move with your face.” 

Always Lock It In

“Concealer and translucent powder go hand in hand. The latter can be swept on top with a big brush or pressed on with a BeautyBlender to help lock everything into place. By Terry’s Hyaluronic Hydra Powder is so good and is available in both loose and pressed form. It’s also very light and feathery and doesn’t leave a ghostly trail. When setting your under-eye area, make sure your powder is so sheer it feels like a soft veil on the skin. Laura Mercier’s Secret Brightening Powder is brilliant, too – it sets and brightens for a believable luminosity.”   

Choose Your Shades Wisely 

“Picking the wrong shade of concealer can sometimes draw more attention to the area, especially under the eyes, and it just ends up looking stark. That’s why it’s essential you spend time finding your exact shade. You want to avoid going too light or dark as it’s a product you’re using to even out your skin. It’s worth going for shades that claim to colour correct too, as this allows for a more even blend.” 


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