Everyday Make-Up With SL’s Beauty Editor

With products perfect for a no-fuss routine, Smashbox is the go-to brand for easy everyday make-up. SheerLuxe's Beauty Editor Gabrielle Dyer has teamed up with legendary brand to show you how...

Born out of an LA photography studio – if you’re not familiar with the brand they’re best known for their extensive collection of hard-working primers, which cater to nearly every skin type. But they don’t just specialise in primers – you’ll find everything from 24-hour-wear foundations to some of the best lipsticks on the block.

Continue for a step-by-step guide on how to get an easy, everyday make-up look below...

Skin Prep

Priming your skin is an essential step before you apply any makeup; brightening, hydrating and creating a more even canvas for your foundation. If you prefer your skin to have a dewy rather than matte finish, opt for formulas enriched with hyaluronic acid that deeply hydrate and plump. For lacklustre complexions, try a radiance boosting primer with a subtle shimmer, to leave you glowing rather than glittery. When skin is particularly dry during the colder months, or if you have ageing skin, oil primers are an essential. Contrary to what you might think, oil doesn’t cause your foundation to slip, once it has been absorbed into the skin it leaves a supple, smooth base ready for makeup. Different primers counter to different skin concerns, such as redness, oiliness or dryness – so it’s important  to do your research to find the right one for your skin type. 
 Top Tip: Apply an under-eye primer to give your concealer staying power and prevent it forming in the creases and fine lines.

Build Your Base 

Skin should look like skin, so it’s imperative to find a foundation that isn’t too heavy, but durable enough to last all day. Smashbox’s Studio Skin Hydrating Foundation is a great hybrid, ticking all the boxes by offering both hydration and coverage for 24 hours. The oil free formula is sweat, water and transfer proof, doesn’t oxidise and helps regulate shine and is now available in 40 shades. Apply it using a damp makeup sponge for a seamless finish.
  Top Tip: Rather than applying all over, dot your concealer around the areas that need it, then press and blend. This helps prevent product build-up which can make it  more noticeable, especially around the eyes.

Blush, Contour & Highlight 

Contouring needn’t look over done, use a colour just a few shades darker than your skin tone and stick to cooler tones to mimic natural shadows. Less is more, so strip it back and apply sparingly; beneath the cheekbones, along the jawline and the sides of your forehead. We love Smashbox's Step-By-Step Contour Stick Trio, they're quick to apply and easy to blend, for an undetectable finish. To accentuate your contour, sweep a blush across the apples of your cheeks, then finish with a highlighter. Using your fingers, press the product onto the tops of cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose and your cupids bow. Liquid highlighters are more pigmented, so opt for a powder formula during the day.  
 Top Tip: If you’re struggling with unnatural contour lines, take a makeup sponge and a small amount of foundation to help blend.

Defined Eyes 

An exaggerated smoky eye can appear over the top during the day time. Instead create definition by adding colour in the corners and blending it out into the brow bone. Keep tones neutral and the textures matte; start by adding the darkest brown in the crease and blend using a mix of lighter shades. Think of your eye as a spectrum – darker tones should remain closer to the lower lid, working upwards into the lighter ones. While many palettes are big and inconvenient to carry around, Smashbox’s offering Cover Shot Palettes are smaller and contain the perfect colour edit.
 Top Tip: Try a mascara primer, not only do they help to bolster thin lashes, they increase the staying power of your mascara, leaving you less susceptible to the dreaded fall out and flake.


Favour a nude lip over bold shades, saving your reds and pinks for the evening. When searching for a lipstick to wear everyday, creamier formulas are best for hydration and protection. Try Smashbox’s Be Legendary Lipstick in Work It - a blushed nude, enriched with shea butter, vitamin C and E, and make it a handbag staple. 
 Top tip: For a sheerer finish, swipe on and blend with fingers. 
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