Make-Up Artist Lisa Eldridge Shares Her Little Black Beauty Book

Make-Up Artist Lisa Eldridge Shares Her Little Black Beauty Book

Lisa Eldridge is one of the most renowned make-up artists working today. With an impressive A-list clientele, her own lipstick brand and a successful YouTube channel with millions of subscribers, her fans love her educational advice and honest approach to beauty. Put simply, whatever she’s recommending, you’ll want to know about it. From her favourite fragrance to the products she buys on repeat, here she shares her little black book…


For A Haircut… 

“I’m lucky to work with some of the best hairdressers in the world and often get cuts on the set at the end of shoots. My last professional cut was with the brilliant Anna Cofone (who I can’t recommend enough) at the end of a Dua Lipa shoot. Over lockdown, however, I did take matters into my own hands.”


For Repeat Purchases…

“When it comes to make-up, my repeat purchases are always Chanel’s Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation, Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage Concealer, Lancôme’s Hypnôse Mascara and Suqqu’s Brow Powder – to name a few. These are products I’ve used for years and continue to do so. I buy them for both myself and my professional kit because they’re so effective.” 

Hypnose Drama Mascara, £22 | Lancôme

For Great Brows…

“When I was at school, thick eyebrows were in fashion, so I luckily never felt the pressure to pluck. Because of that, I’ve always had quite good brows that can be tweaked and filled with make-up. I love brow pens for this, including Suqqu’s and Stila’s, as they have very fine tips that are easy to use and create definition. I did have microblading done with Karen Betts a year ago. I never thought I’d do it because I don’t love the obvious ‘Instagram brow’ – so I took control, drew in where I wanted the hairs and just had a few done. They were so fine, subtle and natural-looking – it really helped to lift and even them out.” 

Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Colour, £17 | Stila

For Relaxing Treatments…

“I don’t really go for lots of salon treatments – maybe two or three times a year at most. I was, however, lucky enough to have a Sarah Chapman facial right before lockdown and the results really were impressive – I love her products and her salon treatments are heaven. Whenever I go to Asia, I also get a deep, facial massage. They’re painful but they push all the muscles the right way.” 


Sarah Chapman Skinesis Clinic
Sarah Chapman Skinesis Clinic

For A Suits-All Lipstick…

“As you can imagine, I’ve tried and tested hundreds of lipsticks over the years, but a classic red is my go-to. In my opinion, red is the OG make-up colour and it symbolises so much – from sass to femininity. My True Velvet Lipstick in Velvet Ribbon is the one I reach for most often. It’s a classic, pillar-box red with a tiny hint of blue. It also has a velvet finish that is so seamless to apply without a drying texture.”

Velvet Ribbon True Velvet Lip Colour, £26 | Lisa Eldridge

For Fragrance…

“I don’t have a set one as I love to mix and match. However, two of my all-time favourites will always be Prada’s Iris and La Labo’s Rose 31 – heaven.”

Rose 31 Eau De Parfum, From £130 | Le Labo

For A Thorough Cleanse…

“My skincare routine changes day-to-day to gear it around what I look like that morning, but there are some key go-tos for me, notably my cleanser. In the evening, if I’ve been wearing a lot of make-up throughout the day, I’ll do two cleanses. One basic one to remove my make-up, and a second cleanse which is where a little facial massage comes in. I love Emma Hardie’s Cleansing Balm. It washes absolutely everything away and doesn’t leave any sticky residue on my skin. The texture is velvety and luxe – perfect for a lymph draining massage.” 

Moringa Cleansing Balm with Cleansing Cloth, £47 | Emma Hardie

For Great SPF…

“Sun protection is a must, every day of the year. There’s really no excuse not to as there are so many great formulas on offer with high levels of protection. I love the Heliocare Gel Cream Tinted SPF50 as it has great coverage with brilliant skincare benefits. I recommend the Lagom Cellus Sun Gel SPF50 too. It’s a great tint-free alterative that’s ideal if you’ve got oily skin or hate the greasy feel of an SPF. 

Gelcream Colour SPF 50, £25 | Heliocare

For Basic Haircare…

“I’m quite low maintenance with haircare but recently, I’ve been using the Living Proof Restore Shampoo and Mask. I’m not a hair expert, but I find these work brilliantly. My hair is fine but frizzy and these products make my hair feel nourished without weighing it down. They’re also silicone-free and backed by good research and science.

Restore Shampoo, £24 |  Living Proof

For A Youthful Glow…

“I’m a huge advocate of facial massage – even a few minutes as you apply your skincare in the morning can make a huge difference. The stimulation helps to get the blood moving to wake up and invigorate your whole complexion. Make-up wise, blush, in my opinion, is key to a youthful glow. I love cream formulas as they look so fresh. Glossier’s Cloud Paints are my favourite, but I also love the Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush tones.”

Cloud Paint, £25 | Glossier

For Neat Nails…

“My nails are rarely without colour and I like to mix up the shades and finishes – bright yellows, shimmering metallic, chunky glitters…You name it, there’s little I wouldn’t try. In terms of products, I regularly stock up on Kure Bazaar polishes, which were developed by a former Brazilian model. I was initially drawn to them because of their ’10-free’ philosophy and reduced chemical formula, but they’re also very long-lasting, chip-resistant and come in a great range of super-glossy colours.” 


For A DIY Facial…

 “Face masks and sheet masks are so good for giving skin a quick, luminous boost. My favourite non-Asian sheet mask is Sarah Chapman’s 3D Moisture Infusion formula. It plumps up the skin like nothing else. Try applying it straight from the fridge, because anything cold is essential for creating glowing skin. It’s a real red carpet trick – even just rolling ice cubes on your face is helpful for stimulation and creating radiance.” 

3D Moisture Infusion Masks, £46 | Sarah Chapman

For Glossy Skin…

“A highlighter I’ve gone back to time and again is BECCA’s Shimmering Skin Perfector. It doesn’t have obvious glitter particles, which is important. The key is to nail the application – start by layering BECCA’s powder onto the cheekbones, tapping lightly, working it into the skin so there are no edges left. You want the finish to be imperceptible.”

Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter, £30 |  Becca

For Anti-Ageing…

“I don’t believe in anti-ageing per-se, but I’ve been using the Nu Face Facial Toning Device for a year or so now, which is brilliant for firming the skin. I first discovered it when a celebrity client asked if I could help her find something to use at home for tighter-looking skin. After using it solidly for a month myself, I really noticed the difference. That being said, I am also a firm believer that you don’t need to invest in expensive products or tools. Facial massage with your fingers and knuckles alone is key for a glowing and youthful complexion.” 

Mini Facial Toning Device, £167 | NuFace

For Unwinding…

“Indulging in a good bath is something I do a couple of times a week. I buy a lot of magnesium flakes from a brand called Better You, adding two cups to my tub. When I climb in, I can feel my muscles instantly relax. Magnesium has been shown to have therapeutic value in treating things like headaches, chronic pain, asthma and sleep disorders. It really works for me, especially when I’ve got a lot of jobs back-to-back, or when I’ve been travelling a lot. If you don’t have a bath, try using these flakes as a foot bath instead (use about one cup) for the same results.” 

Magnesium Flakes Original, £8.95 (was £9.95) | Better You 

Check out Lisa’s YouTube channel and Instagram for more advice, tips and product recommendations.


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